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  1. Hi all, I bought some DTA (Desktop Avaitor) circuit boards to set up switches on an overhead panel, etc. They sell pin connectors with 12" & 20" cables, but I have been trying to find some else who sells them, and I can't find any, any where? I must be using the wrong discription when I do searchs for them. If anyone knows what I'm trying to discribe, and knows the proper name, etc for these things,,,,,please let me know. Thanks, Larry
  2. I got it working, as I think you were talking about, I'm still very new to all this, but this is what I did. First, in FSX, I made the first lever as the throttle, on the second lever (middle) starting at the detent and moving it down from there, in buttons, was able to set the reverse throttle, (decrease quickly). The third I used as the spoilers. Now, the reverse works great, and as soon as I gave it a little gas, the reverse went back to normal, and I went back to idle. I would like later to put the spoilers, using a slide pot from DTA, on the pedistal. Just not sure what I'd do with that third arm I won't need. I also plan to make my own custom throttle levers soo, Thanks so much for all your help from each of you, Larry
  3. This is very interesting indeed. I have an extra throttle that came with the yoke, so may try to take it apart to see what's up? But then, how do people get reverse throttles? I'm setting up a sim, loosley based on the Airbus 321, which has a very simple throttle, trim wheel and two throttle levers. I would like to have reverse throttles, if I can get them. Is there a way to do it? Thanks, Larry
  4. I've looked in files, but could find any question or anwser to this problem. Using the Saitek Quad throttle, I would like to set reverse throttles from the detent postion, down. From detent, up will give full throttle. I have tried before setting this up in FSUIPC, but always failed? Can anyone explain in detail, how to do this? Thanks, Larry
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