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  1. First of all I have nothing to do with vatsem. Nothing against them, they just take things "as real as it gets" and this is not my style. As I understand they suspended you as well (oops!). I am having fun at FPI right now and I used to have fun in IVAO some time ago. This is the internet bro and no I won't contact you in private nor will I give my details. You only posted here to save yourself from the full suspension from IVAO and because your identity was already publisized. Not asking an apology would only make matters worse. I am glad you understood what you did wrong and apologized. We all do mistakes. Aristeides do not say that you bought the product legally and that makes sharing of this commercial product on line a legal act. Even if you payed for it, it still is illegal to share it publicly with others. Regarding my statement for IVAO Hellas : Yes GR-DIR removed the key code from your forum post but he certainly after that left your post in public view which directed people to your own web page with the registeration codes of FSUIPC in the zip available for download. So when a Division Director does this, at least in my eyes, this means the Division's attitude is FOR your action. No I did not upload your picturecheck its properties. I am glad that there are still people recognizing their mistakes out there like Aristeides as well as that there are people in IVAO Hellas like Ioannis who are serious members.
  2. Pete has been notified since yesterday by private email. He has also repeatedly asked to be contacted via this forum and that answering private emails takes a bit longer.
  3. In an official "IVAO Hellenic Division" http://www.ivao-hellas.aero/ forum post 2 days ago (Mon 16 Feb) IVAO member : Name: Aristeides Latousakis Email: latousakis@blueyonder.co.uk , latousakis@the.forthnet.gr IVAO member page : http://www.ivao.org/members/person/details.asp?id=127495 ... posted this thread giving away his FSUIPC registration details :shock: *** URL deleted *** A day later IVAO GR DIR intervenes and only changes the password in display but :x intentionally allows the thread to include a download link from the member's personnal pages in his ISP where he includes the registration key. *** URL deleted *** His ISP network abuse contact email : abuse@forthnet.gr This is an amazing disrespect to Pete's work especially from the very people who owe their ability to have fun in this hobby to Pete. Shame on the member and this IVAO's Division who promote illegal file sharing. :(
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