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  1. I have turned off Focus Back to FS because then everytime I try to do something in FSC it focuses back to FSX which is annoying. I just want it not to focus back to FSC at each waypoint.
  2. Hey, So I got my previous problem with the distances in FSC corrected, but now I have another problem, that did not exist before I fixed my previous problem: Every time my aircraft crosses a waypoint FSC focuses back to itself, so for example, If the window opened is FSX, and a few minutes later i cross a waypoint on my flightplan FSC opens up. The problem with this is that on long flights where I am not at the computer for the whole flight, my commputer will go to sleep if FSX is not the window active. Then when I wake up my computer FSX says it cannot run in a remote desktop session and exits. So basically I cannot do any flights over 2 hours, because I cant sit at a computer longer than that. Here is my system info: FSC 9.2, AIRAC 1302 Windows XP 32bit Dell Vostro 1720 Laptop FSX Gold Edition FSC build 15-May-2012 Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. I have the Latest updates, and It seems to be better, but it is still always about 100-250nm off. Its much better than it was though. ~Remy
  4. Sorry, the Build Might be wrong that I posted. When FSC starts up and the loading screen is on it says the build is May-02-2012 but in the database manager it says the build is May-15-2012.
  5. Hi Volker, Sorry I didnt know about those rules. Here is the information as best as I can tell you: 1. I use FSX Gold Edition 2. I have the latest version of FSUIPC downloaded from the internet, and as far as I know I do not have WideFS 3. I bought FSC from the Aerosoft online store. 4. It is FSC 9.2 and the build is 15-may-2012 5. Operating system is Windows XP 32bit I do not have any Addon scenery installed, and the only payware aircraft I have are the Wilco Feelthere E-Jets and the Quality wings 757. other than that i have loads of freeware aircraft from simviation.
  6. It will show the time when crossing the waypoint only if I follow the flightplan exactly. For instance, if I have a flight plan from JFK-BOS and I follow the flightplan exactly for the first part of the flight then I am told I can skip some turns and stuff and go direct to another waypoint, FSC stops recording the times of the waypoints from that point on, even after I hit the waypoint I am going direct to. Basically, I have found that unless I follow the flightplan exactly FSC starting at the first waypoint FSC will not record the times I cross each following waypoint and will give me a weird time in my log book. For instance the other day I flew MBJ-PHL and the flight time according to me was 3hr 40min. According to FSC it was something around 23hr long. I have constantly found though that the DTG is completely wrong no matter if I fly the flightplan completely and it records the times crossing each waypoint or not. And it's not realistic either, like last night when flying YYT-BGR it started out with the DTG at 709 when making the flight plan (which is correct) then when taking off it was at 906nm, then it went down to 830nm then up to 869nm then it started counting down. When I landed at BGR it said I still had 215nm to go. The tape measure feature works fine though. It always tells me the correct distance if I make two points between places. This was not happening when I installed it, if I can remember correctly it was working fine for the first couple of weeks. I don't remember when it actually started or how it started. I haven't added any other software to my computer since, or changed the settings in FSC since I installed it (although if it possible I would like to know how to change the weights in the aircraft tab to lbs instead of kilograms) Thanks for any help! ~Remy
  7. Hi everybody, So I bought FSC in December and I have to say I love it. It is really simple and easy and a great tool. I especially love the moving map and i use it on every flight. The only problem I am having with it is the DTG that it displays. For Instance, right now I am flying CYYT-KBGR. I am following the flightplan exactly and FSC is tracking me. It says that the DTG is 813nm. The flightplan isnt even 800nm long. I am actually about 492nm away from BGR. This has been happening on almost all of my flights and its really annoying, especially because i use the DTG feature alot for descent planning (on planes that dont have FMC) and I use it as just a general know how of where I am. Any Help is greatly appreciated! ~Remy
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