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  1. I have now a new Problem. After several re-install of MyTraffic and I will "Import Airport.txt" there is no function. No new window to choose the file will be open. Where is the mistake? Thanks, Oliver
  2. I try again and again to move the AI-traffic from OTBD to OTHH acc. to Flapsup instruction. But I have the traffic furthermore at the old Airport. I did'n know where is the mistake! Just one further question. In the manuell they talk about to files from the SDK - TrafficDatabaseBuilder.exe and traffictoolbox.dll. Must I copy only the TrafficDatabaseBuilder.exe to the Folder of MyTraffic or both files? Cheers, Oliver
  3. What must I do with these files? Must I do additional adjustments?
  4. Burkhard,can we stay in contact in German? If yes, where can I send you my questions?
  5. Thanks Burkhard, I will check it this weekend!
  6. Hello Burkhard, In MyTraffic Professional is the old Doha Int. Airport included with the ICAO-code OTBD. I will change in the schedule the ICAO-Code to the new Airport OTHH. Where can I finf the correct txt-file and what is the way to change only the ICAO-code in the schedule? Greetings from the Westerwald Oliver
  7. Hello, I have installed My Traffic X 5.4b and I have a small problem. If I start with a flight in FS Dreamteam Chicaco I have in the menu bar near the German menu item "Add-Ons" items of each AI-flight. If I pushed the item I can see the AI-flight in a new window. I don't like this. Is there a way to switch off the menu items of the AI-flights? Where is the mistake? Regards Oliver
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