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  1. How can i realize that? * is not possible as a Filename. I am a german Citizen and have a german OS Layout. Do i have to change it, to name it *.hvar?
  2. Thanks for your Help. ipc.sleep(500) solved the Problem. I wil try some other Variables and will be back, if there are Problems again.
  3. Hello, maybe someone could provide a Solution for my Problem. Involved is the A32NX from FlybywireSim. If possible, please have a look at the attached Script. It is real small and there are three Things, i want to do. The first Thing is to turn on the External Power. That works. The second Thing is to turn the Knob of the Cockpit Air Condition into the 40% Position. If i do this in the WASM Module via the Set Lvar Option, the Knob turns into the desired Position. At Least i want to read out the Value to the Variable eCon. That also doesn't work. I would be very glad, if someon could take the Time to look into the little Script and describes what is needed to successful execute it. If you need more Infos, please let me know. Many Thanks in Advance, Joachim FlightLog.lua
  4. okay, i understand your Policy of Software Development. I am also a Software Develeoper and as that i tell you, if i treat my Customers the Way you do, i haven't any Customer anymore. Okay, i didn't pay much for FSUIPC7, but i paid for it. And as a Customer i am looking for help from the Develepers. Simply senseless. Thanks, i learned my Lesson and give up with FSUIPC. There is no need to answer anymore John, because i have stolen enough of your Time.
  5. Hey John, thanks for the Reply. I have installed 7.1.0f incl. WASM 0.4.10. Also i enabled WASM in the Add-Ons Tab of FSUIPC7. Unfortunatelly it seems not to work that easy. The Knob isn't turning. Yes, i noticed your Words in the Advanced User Guide about WASM. Glad, you saw by your self, that those few Words aren't enough to explain, how to use WASM. Greets Joachim
  6. Hi Guys, i want to ask, if someone could do a favour to all of them, who didn't really understand all those technical Discussions here. So please could someone release a complete Step by Step Tutorial, about all the necessary Steps and File Settings to execute i.E. this Order in a Lua Script ipc.writeLvar("L:A320_Neo_AIRCOND_LVL_1", 40). In my Opinion, such a complete Tutorial here in this Place would very, very helpful to People, who wants to do something in MSFS2020 by executing Lua Scripts. My self, i am an experienced Lua Programmer, but all those Things relating to WASM are simply a Book with seven Seals. I hope, that somebody will take the Time to help those, who don't know, how they could help them selfs. Thanks a lot in Advance Joachim
  7. Hey John, hi Pete, thanks for your Answers. I will try to success with the String Functions and hope, i get it to work. Joachim
  8. Hello, tried to find some helpful Informations here in the Forum and at Google. Unfortunally without Success. So, i want to ask here, if it is possible to read Data from a XML File and assign them to Variables in a LUA Script? An Example Code would also be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance and Greets from Germany Joachim FlugDaten.xml
  9. Had a look this Morning. You are right. 28.56€ for a bigger Text in FS-Windows isn't worth that much Money. The Update Price of 14.28€ i would pay for it. Unfortunately i had no previous Version of WideFS. Joachim
  10. Yes, that is the Problem. Bigger Fonts in Windows are effecting everything. Maybe you can give me a "special Price" for WideFS? :-) I knwo, you distribute over SimMarket. But if possible, i could buy also direct from you? Joachim
  11. Just for better Understanding. WideClient sounds like networked PCs? So, i need a License and of Course a second PC? Joachim
  12. okay, so i misunderstand the Difference between the Display Library and the Command ipc.Display. Is there a Chance for me, to Display a Text that was sizeable to a bigger Font? in ipc.display i just found a Text Colour Option. I don't have WideClient. Joachim
  13. The FSUIPC-included MyDisplay.lua doesn't work. In the Manuals i can't find the Reason for that Malfunction. So i attached the My.Display.log In the Fsuipc Menu, i assigned this Lua to a Joystick Button. When starting it, right on Line 2 the Error occurs stating attempt to index global 'display' (a nil value) Could you please take a look in it and hopeful provide a Solution. Thank you. Joachim MyDisplay.log
  14. Yes, i mean those global Variables, that are controlling the Workflow of my Scripts. Meanwhile i solved it by my self. There was a Value that i had set the wrong Way. Please allow me some little last Questions. Maybe you could have a Look at the attached, real small Script. Those issued "ipc.sleep" Commands are pausing the Workflow? I mean. that i.E. after the runlua on Line 12, there is a Pause in the Workflow, before the Condition on Line 14 is checked for controlling the further Workflow? I am assuming, that a Value of 1000 represents 1 Second. Is this assuming right or could it vary depending on the CPU Speed i.E.? Joachim FlightLog.lua
  15. In Fact, this Part of the Script is an "One Time only" Job. So, i deleted the looping Code and it will be doing, what i want it to do. Maybe you could provide a little Help with the following Problem. When starting P3Dv4, loading the Aircraft and starting a Scenario, FSUIPC5.log is logging. Starting my Script with the JoystickButton, FlightLog.log is logging. That's really great to figure out some of the Problems. If i found and corrected a Part of the Code, i will try it again. I learned with the Command "LuaKillAll" all the Luas will be stopped from running. But starting the corrected Script again, it will not work right, because the Variables are not reset even if i reset them in the Code manually. So, i have to cancel and restart the Sim every Time, after a Correction of my Script. Also the Re-Simconnect will not solve this Problem. It would be very, very helpful, if you could provide a Way that makes the Restart of the Sim unnecessary. Thanks in Avance. Joachim
  16. Sorry, but you got me completely wrong at this Point. I meant, that i tried Hours for Hours to solve the Problem by my self before posting for Help in the Forum. I am sure, that it is not a Problem of Lua or FSUIPC. It is a Problem with my Coding maybe due to a lack of Knowledge. But again, i didn't ask you directly to study and debug my Code. Sure, i am glad if you could help me. But if you had no Time or don't like to help this Way, it is okay. So, i hope any other User could take some Time and will try to help. Seems, i didn't clearly expressed the Problem in the initial Post? I thought, i did. In the initial Post, i described, that i start the "SubScript" with the ipc.macro Command. Meanwhile i tried it with runlua - in fact with the same Results. Will try to find my self, where the Fault in my Script is. Joachim
  17. I didn't asked you, to study and debug my Files. But maybe an other User will have the Time, to look in there and have a Hint for me. BTW: Such Comments aren't really helpful. I used the Logging Features of FSUIPC but they don't give me a Trace of the Problem. You can be sure, that i only post for Help in this Forum, if i have absolutely no other Option. However, thanks for your Answer. Joachim
  18. Hello, In the attached Files, i try to run a Lua Script that runs another Script insisde via the ipc.macro Command. When running the Main Script, it starts the SubScript. But it seems, that the SubScript would be leaved before it has done it's full Job and a little later it will be called again by the Main Script. So, my Question is, if it is possible, to force the SubScript to do it's full Job without leaving and starting again. And if it is possible, what do i have to do? Short Description of the desired WorkFlow for the PMDG B777F (newest Version for P3Dv4) B777F is set to Electrical Power up for using the CDUs. FlightLog.lua read the Reg of the Aircraft, here D-ALFA, turns on the CDU FS Actions Menu and then turn on the CDU Fuel Page. This will work without any Problems. Then it calls the Macro Lua:PMDGFuelInput. In that LuaFile, a File has to be read and then the Input of the Values into the CDU begins. There seems to be the Problem, that the whole Workflow of the Scripts will leave the SubScript before all is done. Further it seems, that it will be called again, and again, and again. Hope, i could express the Problem the right Way. Any Help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance. Joachim FlightLog.lua PMDGFuelInput.lua PMDGInitialFuelQty.txt
  19. Hi Pete, thanks for your Help. That brought the Solution. Joachim
  20. Need Help about the attached Scripts. In P3Dv3 with FSUIPC 4.9xx they worked well. Now in P3Dv4 with FSUIPC 5.103 the Following Error occured: 318797 *** LUA Error: ...\Simulatoren\Fliegen\P3Dv4\Modules\B777FuelInput.lua:6: attempt to index global 'file' (a nil value) Please have a look at the attached FSUIPC5.log. Maybe you can provide some Help. Thanks in Advance FlightLog.lua B777FuelInput.lua FSUIPC5.log
  21. Okay, i understand your Point of View in this Things. Thanks for your Answers. Joachim
  22. My Problem with this is the small Window and Font in FSUIPC. My Eyes are sick and i need a bigger Font. If possible, i would highly appreciate, if you would overhaul the Window in this Part. Maybe i am not the only one, who needs it. I don't know, if i opt that in or if it was set at the Installation Process. I will try it again and send you the Log. As an older Cobol Developer, i am using IBMs Rational Developer for System Z. If i will trace a Programm at the Runtime, i can set Breakpoints to temporary stop the Programs Workflow. It is possible, to monitor, set or change a Variables Value and then continue the Workflow. So it is possible, to check the Programs Behavior depending on a Variables Value and the Workflow of the Program itself. Also i can set the Font Options to have more convenience for my Eyes.
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