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  1. Hi Simon Thanks for your quick reply. I will try the options you gave but I think your suggestion of creating a schedule BGL file is probably the way to go. I will have a look into that and let you know how I go. Thanks again. Ivan
  2. Hi I am wanting to create AI aircraft at my own personally produced airports. I can see no way of doing this within STB so have been using FSX's SDK TrafficToolbox Explorer to do so. This works fine but the created AI aircraft do not show up in any STB view although the count seems to take them into account. I find this strange as other software I use such as Plan-G shows them. Just not STB. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong so my three questions are: 1. Can I populate an airport with AI aircraft using STB when there is nothing showing on any STB view apart from my us
  3. Hi Volker Not sure I understand your reply that this is a limitation of FSC. At most airports I am able to select both the SID and STARS with no Transitions and then select Transitions separately. I am unable to do this at some of the NZ Airports such as NZHN. Even though there is a submenu for Transitions nothing appears in it as the Transition is already attached to the SID. Could you please explain in more detail what you mean by an FSC limitation and not a problem with FSC as it is certainly a problem for me trying to use FSC to fly out of NZHN. Thanks Ivan
  4. Hi Volker I advised Navigraph of the problem who believe this is a problem with FSCOmmander. Here are their replies to me: "Hi Ivan, I have now looked deeper into your report and I guess, this is a FSC limitation - There are no other possibilities to merge a SID/STAR with a transition in FSC - therefore the STAR.TRANS syntax. When I remove the trans part, it´s ok for your example but not when someone wants to fly to Australia or somewhere other than New Zealand. So, I have only one way - leave it or add it. In most of the addons (flightplanner or aircracts) you can select the STAR pl
  5. Hi Volker I do not think the data is incorrect, I think it is the FSCommander program. It seems to be adding the Transitions to the SID's in the dropdown menu. If you think this sounds like a Navigraph problem I will certainly contact them. The reason I don't think the problem is theirs is because the SID's, STAR's and Transitions are correct within the FMS when I set it up for the PMDG 737_800. What do you think? Ivan
  6. Hi - Sorry about that. Detail now added. Also I have updated AIRAC to latest version 15.05 but still same problem.
  7. Hi I am preparing a flight from NZHN (Hamilton in New Zealand) to NZAA (Auckland International in NZ). I am departing from RW 36R where the correct SID is TAYLA2. However when I click on SID's I only have options with the Transitions already added which is not correct. eg. TAYLA2.OCNMA. And this takes me on a route out into the ocean half way to Australia. The same error occurs with RW 18L as you will see from the attached images. I need to be able to select either TAYLA2 or BUDEN2 via SID's and the OCNE etc Transitions should only appear under the Transitions menu. Is there a way
  8. Hello I have FSC working with Google Earth but the plane moves and not the map. Is it possible to have the plane stationery and move the map instead.
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