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  1. The files in question are in the "\World\Scenery\" directory "ADE_FTX_PNW_KORS_elevation_adjustment.bgl" is one of 176 files. I have changed the extensions to .BAK, then did the data for FSC again, then changed the extensions back to .BGL and I don't have a problem. but it is a lot of work. Since the last post I have found out that I have only problems with the airports that have the extra scenerys. for example you can buy the FTXs PNW which comes with KORS then you can also purchase FTXs KORS (Orcas Island) which installs on top of PNW. These are the airports that I have noticed problems and FSC won't give me a choice to get rid of the data that I know doesn't have rwy data in it. Now I also run "PlanG" on my system and and had no problems saving and using the flightplans made by it. I guess it just ignores files with out runway data in them. But try and make a flight plan from "KCMW to 1S2" or any of the other extra airports you have purchased other than just PNW I did have a problem with PASI also but I don't know if I did anything or not. I run FSC over a network and it will not remember the path for the Flightpan, It will remember the FSX path windows remembers and I dont have a problem seeing the files thru explorer. but if want to save a Flightplan, I have to Map the drive everytime I boot either machine. FSC 8.6 didn't have that problem. Just tried this one and it didnt work PASI to PAPG
  2. Hi Sascha, Well all I was trying to do was help and offer a solution to problems encountered with the Orbx FTX scenerys. As I`m pretty sure they are not going to change how they do things, the scenery works great with how they set it up with low frame rates. As this scenery catches on, and more people download and use these scenerys, more people are going to have problems trying to make flight plans using FSCommander. I never said to delete the scenerys themselves, but to have an option to delete the record for the offending airport in the FSCommanders data. These scenery files are elevation data for runways, and contain no runway data other than elevation. I understand I have a problem using the "Save Flight Plan" part of your program, and understand you don't seem to care. I do know that if I rename all the offending files, "Orbx_FTX_rwys.BGL" to "Orbx_FTX_rwys.BAK" then create the FSCommander Airport data, then rename them back to "Orbx_FTX_rwys.BGL" I have the scenery and there is no problem making the Flight plans (real file names were not used as there are too many) Browsing thru many posts, I have noticed that you don't seem to friendly to people that have paid good money for your program, the mouse focus problem was one I remember off hand, but you didn't take what they had to say as having any credibility, and stated after many posts it was found to be a mouse focus problem. We aren't asking for miracle fixes overnight, it would be nice to at least know that you are looking into the issues. Way to sell a product, but completely uncalled for. I know that not everyone is all that savy about networking and other computer issues, same problems on different posts, people not reading or searching posts, nobody reads the "README" files I'm sure it must get to you, and there is always bugs and issues that will come up over time, but a little respect for the person that paid money to use your program isn't all that much to ask. You say Orbx FTX scenery isn`t installed properly, well things change and we try to adapt. It won`t be long and all software will be 64bit, as my MS Windows is now, If your program fails to work in the future are you just going to say it Mircosofts problem, not FSCommanders? No, it will probably be the one who has paid the money who will have the problem. Thank-you, C Jordan
  3. I don't have UTX installed, but I do have "FTX" and "Tongass Fjords" installed and it's the same problem, moving the scenery out of the scenery folders, isn't an option as their scenery is the best I've seen out there, more and more people are going to be using their scenery. FSC uses a database created from the files it reads on our scenery config file, so where ever we put the scenery it should still find it and create a record in the data base. seems to me getting rid of the record is what needs to happen. What about having the option to delete the offending record from the data base after it's been created? with my problem, there is 2 records of airport PASI #1 Based on File "APX1110.bgl" which has rwy info and #2 Based on file "AF2_FTX_TF_PASI.bgl" which has no rwy info. Now I have renamed the #2 file to "AF2_FTX_TF_PASI_bgl.BAK" and ran the data base creator, and the problem goes away. so being able to get rid of the data entry would work. I can see 2 files and 2 airports in the Airport info window. ??? I have created a couple BGL Files using the SDK and I haven't ever seen this rule. Well your program didn't have a problem before, but it does now, I can do without FSCommander, but I can't do without FTX (Orbx) scenerys. I hope you get this resolved soon. Other flight plan programs don't have this issue. Thanks, cjordan
  4. I get the same problems with a few airports now, I have saved a flightplan and now when I go and redo it, it won't let me save also. it used to, I'm not sure what has changed since.
  5. Is that what the >> is at the start of UL602 I didnt see that in the manual. Thank you for the quick response. That will make life much easier. Thank you, C Jordan
  6. Copied from Original post. It keeps putting UL604 between NERDI and MAKOL, it is supposed to be UL602. I don't even see a UL604 near those points Thank you for the reply C Jordan
  7. Yes I have read the manual inside and out, I wasn't asking for a flight plan I was asking why I can't put put UL602 between NERDI and MAKOL, it keeps putting UL604 there instead of the UL602. Using NAT Tracks is also about 400Nm longer than the shortest route that I came up with. But I hate having to list all the waypoints on an airway when I should be able to enter the start of the airway and the airway and the end of the airway. It doesn't seem to work in all cases. I have found quite a few mostly in Europe. and also why won't it find the shortest route when clicking on the button HIGH ALT PLAN? Thank you for the reply C Jordan
  8. I have been trying to make a FP from CYVR to HECA and because clicking the HIGH ALT PLAN button takes it to the west and about 3000 miles farther than it should be, I have been doing it by hand. everything is fine for a while, then it will not except an airway and I don't know why, and when I click okay it just puts the UN604 into the plan, I wanted and put UL602 between NERDI and MAKOL and it will insert UN604, I dont even see a UN604 close by. I dont see what I'm doing wrong or is it just a bug. CYVR YVR J528 YSM NCAA ADSAM UU G3 VALDI UP613 KARLI P613 VES UL126 LBE UL619 BUMIL UM748 EPARI UN618 VASIS UN978 NERDI UN604 MAKOL HECA Thank you C Jordan.
  9. Okay thanks I see what you mean now. I'm using a Keyboard encoder. thatts why the questions about Keys and not buttons. I should have been clearer on that. Oh well maybe the Hagstrom encoder is the way to go.for switches and rotary switches.
  10. Can I use a regular toggle switch (SPST), to toggle lights on and off? eg: Use FSUIPC to switch landing lights on and leave the switch in the up position and then us the KEY release part of FSUIPC to turn the lights off. If I had 5 or more switches in the up position would it damage the computer? It would be like holding a KEY down. (It doesn't seem to act as a stuck key.) Thank you, Cal
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