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  1. Hello Paul, hello Pete, and thanks for your reply. Finally I think I figured out the "what" and "why". There are at least two points coming together. First is: "COM ACTIVE FREQUENCY:1" is according to SimConnect documentation of the "read-only" type. Thus if anyone wants to communicate users/players COM1-frequencies... NOT this way. This variable is used by FSX's internal AI-logic. Exclusive. This alone is reason enough not to be usalbe by any programmers tools or add-ons. Secondly we've to think around some corners: When setting up software for MP communication... The actual
  2. Hello Pete, Sorry, if it sounded as if I'd like you to check my code. I know that your from the "C" community and didn't excpect you to do so. It was listed for explanation with comments attached to each relevant line to support the understanding. And yes, you understood right. The AI-COM-Frequencies are correct and the MP-COM-frequencies not. Strange, or? Anyways, my code snippet itself seems to work correct. It simply doesn't know how to behave to please me. (I've got to have a seriuos talk to the programmer on this and make him "pimp my code" ;-) But I'll pick up your suggest
  3. Hello Pete, and thank you very much for FSUIPC as well as for outstanding support to the community. Currently I'm working on a small ATC-Client for a group of enthusiasts, flying together using the FSHostClient/Server system. So far I've been able to figure out 98% of what is needed in my opinion. Now I stuck on a (I suppose) more or less simple problem which I could also reproduce in your TrafficLook (also thanks for that handy tool). Actually I'd try to read from the AIPlaneInfo (FSUIPC-SDK) for each of the MP-Planes amongst other info the Com1 frequency. For some reason It
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