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  1. Dont think of this as a complaint. It took over 10 mins to complete, usually it completed a lot faster.. I figured out what it was. I disabled the latest version of diskeeper, stopped the service, and it ran with no issues. I was more concerned about what was causing it, if it was on my end.
  2. Pete, I only run the program when i add or remove scenery.... I just "verified" vector files and ran again and same issue. I will dive deeper and see what could be causing it on "MY"end. Thanks
  3. Work travel has limited my time with P3D v4 for over 6 months. Updates have been completed on v4 fsuipc makerunways, and orbx. Running makerwy ( Lorby included) as admin, program seems to pause for about a min or two but only on vect_apt bgtl files. Never had this before today, usually makerwy just runs and completes. The pauses are on different bgl files each time but just in the vector_apt directories. Did a quick search but no hits, nothing else has changed on my end prior to my work travels. Apologies if I missed a search entry. Brad
  4. alyzar

    B757 fuel

    Crocus, Off post topic, but what panel are you using with the 757? Pax Brad
  5. alyzar


    Volker, Could you also look at LIMC, I am at work an cannto attach a pic. Bascially the same issue as the above, but on an ILS chart i dont see the ILS sitting off to the east. Sorry i cannot attach a pic. Pax Brad
  6. alyzar

    MyTraffic and FSLive Question

    Burkhard I know some flights will sneak through, but I just want to have MYTraffic handle all traffic outside of US and have FSLive handle AI Inside US, or North America. Pax Brad
  7. alyzar

    MyTraffic and FSLive Question

    Husain, I have read those instructions, but I want to remove all US "non-FSLive" traffic. Thanks for the reply Pax Brad
  8. Greetings, Learning Mytraffic as we speak, is there a way to eliminate all US Traffic, so that only FSLive traffic is compiled inside US? Pax Brad

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