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  1. You are not posting in the the right folder... :lol: You would have to go here with your problem :wink: viewforum.php?f=4
  2. Hi Alan, Just saw that your brilliant sound packs are out - and at a nice price to!!!. Just wanted to say congratulations - job well done, it really adds to the realism at my airports :)
  3. Ah - yes I forgot, they still use Lee Swordy's old tool. Anyway same effect. I don't know of any other AI developers that are FSX (and SR2) compliant than MyTraffic. (You deserve a pat on the back for that!) It can seem a bit strange that non of the AI providers out there make the switch?
  4. Glad to be able to help. Well - it's the way FSX works. It's not just SP2. :)
  5. Hi ThunderBit, The problem is that using Ai that has been compiled with a FS9 as WOAI has, it all FSX compiled traffic to not show up. How did you remove the WOAI traffic? - It's not enough to removed the files under simobjects. You'll need to remove the corresponding traffic bgl's under Scenery\World\Scenery\ I'm sure that your FSX traffic will come back after that.
  6. Just to confirm Alvega. I logged on as usual - and after the screen where you type you credit card and stuff - you will get a confirmation page - where it clearly states the price is 5€ and you are asked to coonfirm the purchase.
  7. No it does not work under FSX - sorry. The FSX version is under developement. Have a look at it here: http://www.fspassengers.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=32418&t=32418&stick=1
  8. I got it this time. I'll try it out when I come home from work.
  9. Hi "scnrfrq" Have you checked for other traffic bgl's? in your setup? If you have an old bgl installed with some generic United and American Connection flights they would show even after you compile a new FSLive flight plan. I have Fslive at home – so let me try at see what traffic I ge at Erie, PA. I’m at work right now, it would have to wait until I come home tonight.
  10. Yes, it’s strange. I'm inclined to think that it a fluke on my system. I'll reinstate the bgl later today and see if things still work. :D
  11. Well - as I stated I'm not sure that it did the trick. When testing I did a lot of other stuff - like getting rid of all FS9 compiled aircraft traffic (I theorized that FSX having to load different binaries compiled differently might behave erratic - and this might lead to the "EKCH problem" along with other airports such as EHAM. The things that lead me to that experiment, was that the only aircrafts I had at the airports was from the FS9 compiled versions. So I removed those, and tried again - now EHAM was loaded with aircraft (VERY NICE!!!) but EKCH still had none - so I removed the bgl - (The two parallel runways are use anyway in 99% of the time as there are severe noise restrictions in effect using the third.) and I had all the aircrafts back in EKCH. As I said - I'm not at all sure if the BGL had anything to do with it. Anyway - I'm a happy camper - especially after converting the AI sound into the stock FSX AI sound - it's really cool to hear the aircraft engine(s) spool up and thunder down the runway.
  12. From one Lars to an other - :wink: Read this thread http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=57496 After the install, I renamed BR_EKCH.bgl to BR_EKCH.original - and I've got lots of traffic in and out from EKCH. (I'm not really sure this was necessary, but it did help me) Have fun :D -Lars
  13. Jaap, To tell you the truth - I havn't been looking - but I'll set out an expedition. Monsters - hmm - I might fly high then :D :D :D
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