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  1. FS9 start position

    Hey! Strange phenomenon! When I installed LOWW, I could no longer chose a start position for my aircraft for a new flight. It Always goes to the active runway, because there is no other choice.. So I uninstalled that scenery, because I think there is something wrong with it. After uninstalling, and when I restart FS9 and want to set my aircraft on a non-Austrian airport, I can put it anywhere I want. However, as soon as I started a flight at an Austrian airport, it goes Always to the active runway, because there is no other choice in the menu.Even, from now on, having tried once to go at an Austrian place, also in all other airports of the world, there is no longer any other choice but to go to the active runway How is this phenomenon to explain, and how can I correct this error? Greetz Jive1 - Belgium
  2. I've a Sidewinder Joystick for my FS9, that I had since early the years 2000. I used it till 2 years ago when I had the new computer with Windows 7. I had to buy another joystick, because I had no adapter to connect the Sidewinder to my new computer. I have the adapter now, and I want to re-install my Sidewinder via same, but now I learn that it seems no longer being supported by MS. I've been searching many places on the net, but nowhere found a solution tot make it working. Although at some places I read that some flightsimmers do have their Sidewinder working under Windows 7, but I don't see no details about their solutions.... That is why I ask it here on the forum: is there anybody who can explain me how to get the Sidewinder working again and under Windows 7. Please, tell me. I need that badly, because there is no joystick like the Sidewinder and I want it back working.... Jive1 - Belgium.
  3. FS9/2004?

    Hey! Thanks for the information. And what about making simconnect to work with FS9? Or maybe, to make Super Traffic Board connecting via FDSconnection, see http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/fdsconnection-source.22285/ . See also http://flyawaysimulation.com/news/566. Sincerely Yours Jive1 - Belgium
  4. FS9/2004?

    Hey! Too late?...Am I?... I dare to insist once more to be courageous and try to make Super Traffic Board working in combination with FS9, maybe via FSUIPC as a interface? The argument that FS9 is a diminisching business is correct but FSX is too. Furthermore the expected "one day" will never come that you will be selling STB for the use with FS11.... And meanwhile i think that the real Flightsimmers are mostly flying on FS9, because actually there is an invredibable large amount of of add ons that are not availavble for FSX, and FS9 shows more possibilities that FSX. However, there is indeed a lack of a Traffic Board like the Super Traffic Board and it's possibilities, and these FS9 simmers need such a system badly! So extra sales arae to be expected in that sector... So, I'm asking, begging and insisting in considdering a possible modification or adaption so that the present Super Traffic Board or it's equivalent can work, eventually and preferably via FSUIPC, in connection to FS9. I hope that for my present call there will at least be a reaction.... Sincerely Yours, Jive 1 - Belgium
  5. Hey! I used to work years ago with one of your tools BGLTXTS.EXE. I still have it, but wanted to use same now for some bgl-files of an older scenery of Brussels town ( http://www.obsdetrampoline.nl/fscb/downs_2001.zip ) to be used in FS2004. I guess that not all teture files called for in these bgl-files are available in FS2004, or some of the ones are no longer suited for FS2004. Is there a similar tool which shows "all" texture files, inclusive BMP-texture, so I can see which possibly are missing, and which I can preferably replace by newer texture files?
  6. ai radar

    Thank You! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Why do so few flighsimmers know about this tool? I was looking around on several fora and other places on the web, asking for a aiview-like program... Got no answers at all.. at least no satisfying ones! Once again: thankx,also for all the nice things you made! Greetz Jive1
  7. Hey! I used to run aiview.dll with FS2002. Nice little program showing a sort of radar screen and a list of all ai aircraft surrounding my own craft. Now... aiview.dll seems not to work with FS2004. I really miss this! It was wonderful picking out of the list one aircraft and following then its flight on my display... Is there an alternative program, eg based on the data of trafficlook.exe, that can replace aiview.dll? I found this little program aiview some time ago on http://www.altingsoftware.com ( and it is also available on other websites ) but it is no longer there... I would, and others would as well, I guess, really enjoy an updated ai radar program for FS2004! Has anybody more information on this subject? Greetz Jive1