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  1. Ok, just good to know something isn't looking as it shouldn't on my system :) (confusing sentence) I thought it might be an older model issue since some of them appear ok. Looking forward to the new textures.
  2. Are these night textures I'm getting on these aircraft normal? They seem to be washed out and a bit grainy. Some, like the NWA model in the first shot appear better. This is FSX with Accel and 5.1b
  3. Good to hear you reproduced it. The one thing I can think that changed on my computer in that time is indeed the new graphics card. I will edit my cfg with the one you posted in the other thread and report my findings.
  4. I will give this fix a try as soon as I get home from xmas holiday.
  5. I have Radeon X850PE with newest drivers as that was my last troubleshooting attempt before I left for holiday. I have not been able to test with notebook version. All my tests are performed in 2d panel and VC views.
  6. What you are describing is the same problem I have and posted about in my Stuttering post below. I can pan arond freely if AI stays in view. If I look to other side of airport with no AI, then try and look back to AI I get a massive stutter while AI loads in then it it smooth again until I look away again. Most annoying part, while accelerating down runway, the same problem with smaller stuttering happens as the closer, more detailed version of the AI a/c load in. I haven't been able to identify another addon installed or cpu setting that is causing the problem. If you find a solution, please let me know.
  7. Yes, I run FSAutoStart and defrag regularly. I've tried different AA and AF settings. The sim runs fine without traffic and continues to perform with good frames even with >75% traffic, but the stutters makes it dissapointing.
  8. I have MY2004 with the newest update and that is when my problem began. I have found since the most recent update, my overall fps has been improved but a severe stutter has developed when around traffic. This problem is apparent from any % of traffic. When stuttering the framerate is not observed to drop (Further testing concluded this isn't always the case. The fps counter just doesn't alway's pick it up. In bad stutters, went from as much as 25 to 1.5). I get great fps even with higher %'s of traffic, just worse stuttering. I conducted several tests at KSAN with different %'s of AI and could not clear up the stuttering except by completely disabling traffic. When paused, the fps remains the same. Please, any ideas? Otherwise, I'll have to figure out how to de-update. My system is a P43.2, 2gig ram, X850PE.
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