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  1. I see the winds die off at FL 520 exactly in several planes, so is not plane specific. I checked FSUIPC and somehow discovered the " smooth winds " box was checked on the WINDS tab of the settings. I unclicked it, and voila i now have winds above FL 520 that is what causes this. Apparently wind smoothing = killing completely at and above FL 520 in FSUIPC lol I have tested and tested this, and confirmed that this is in fact true in all flight modes and aircraft. Can this please be fixed so that wind smoothing can be used above FL 520 ? That would be so helpful when flying the Concord at up to FL 600 and the SR71 at up to FL 850 Thank you and have a great day. Love FSUPC Pete, please do not get me wrong, this would just make it better is all :) Gary
  2. Edited by Ian P: You were right, Gary. Your comments have been deleted, but not for reasons you suggest. No matter how aggrieved you feel and no matter how right you feel you are, personal attacks and threats will not be tolerated on this forum. That comes from simFlight, not any developer, and you signed up to rules of conduct when you joined this forum. They're not there for the fun of it. Please abide by them in the future.
  3. If there was an actual release date announced in July then I wouldn't have purchased in August, you only announced that a new version was coming, you didn't give an exact date for the release, it was only about 3 weeks ago that you said early November. Anyone who purchased 8.6 after you announced V9 should in my opinion get a free update, that is how many other developers deal with the situation so as to not offend their newest customers. I agree with you on this, seems it would be a fair and equatable solution to this issue. People do NOT go looking in support forums so see if there is a new version coming out before they buy a product. I know i do not, and did not when i purchased this product. I only knew my friends had it, and said i should get it, so i went and bought it. Then i, like others find out, wasted my money, as new version coming out and not free upgrade for something i just purchased at full price. Perhaps this is how they do it in Europe, but not America. So if we can not figure this out equitably, then i shall investigate buying something else, rather than this program to get it current when i just bought it less than 2 months ago, and will not buy it again just to get it current. If i had had it for a year or more like most then it would not be a problem to buy upgrade, but not less than 2 months, is not going to happen. Sorry, Gary
  4. I also purchased version 8.6 recently from Sim Market. ORDER Number: 658151, purchased on 20 Sept 2010, so i have had approximately 1.5 months of use at full price, and do not feel is fair since no mention of new version coming out real soon or something when i bought it. Had there been a disclaimer of some sorts i would NOT have bought FSC until the new version came out, as is NOT FAIR to have someone pay full price, then about 45 days later announce for a reduced price of only 24 Euros you can get current version of software you just bought. Is there any remedy for this ? Thanks, Gary Hall
  5. I have pursued it and the answer is NO, it does not appear that it will, they tried, but have given up on it. So do not buy FS Build for that purpose, and i myself will not buy it at all now. I have another free program i can create plans on by hand if i have to do that, and it appears i do, so i will. Hope that clarifies that for you. Have a good day. Gary
  6. Ok well thanks, have been talking to friends, looks like FS Pilot has capability to import FS Nav plans and spit them out in FSC format for FSC to use, so maybe that will be an option, I would not relish the thought of having to recreate 500 or so flight plans LOL. Thanks for the reply, have a good day. Gary Hall
  7. I am sitting on the buy/download button but need to know this first... I have been a long time user of FS Nav in FS9, but i hate that FS Nav is dead, but still works fine for me, but since i have FSX loaded, FS Nav will not work in that, so.... I have a lot of flight plans saved in FS Nav and would very much hate to lose them all and have to redo them in FSC, can FSC import and use these flight plans from FS Nav ? I have read about altitude not being used etc, and I do not care about that as that is what autopilot is for LOL, but I DO want to use the flight plans to have FSC fly the plane from point to point along a flight plan I either load or create in FSC and can waypoints be deleted and or moved around in the flight plan in FSC ? If I can do this, consider it bought and FS Nav replaced :) Thanks for your time, Gary Hall
  8. Almost every time i get this error, it is because SB Relay has gotten disconnected, when this happens, or is not running at all for some reason, you will get this error of 6000 nm discrepencies. GARY
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