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  1. Alige


    Just another thing,Burkhard.It seems to my version of MYT2006 that I have the 4.0 version! Is it possible to get the 4.1 version??
  2. Well Mr.Felix,thats excactly the respons I expected.Childnes and not adult behavior."if you dont like dont buy" I can tell you that I dont need a FREE copy and if I would I buy your whole company,but I am be a part of this community for allmost 20 years now and I am aware that this community are not only be filled with adult pipel who can pay adult prices.More then 40% are members under the 16 years who are fully depending on the rayroll of their parents! I did NOT ask you to give away a proggy but only ask you to consider a reasonble price for existing users.Nothing less nothing more.Allso I did NOT say the FSC is WORSE then FSnavigator,NO mr.Felix dont twist my words!!!I said it gives me more then FSC!!! Have a nice day. Geert Burgstra
  3. OK guys, We have to make a statement here.Look mr.Felix,to all the developers that allso make a new version of their product!!!99% offers it for NOTHING for existing users or against a fair price like 10/15 Euro as far as I am willing. So thinkit over mr.FELIX your proggy is nice but want come near the usefullnes of FSNavigator except the use for the two sims{FS9/FSX}. Specially for those users who bought the proggy within the last 2/3 months. You let them buy the proggy althoug you did know you will bring a new version on the market.Thats smells bad in my opinion. You cannot fly in 2 planes at the same time not even being very rich!! So whatsup mr.Felix???????????
  4. Allways welcome new versions of existing software,like FSC8.xxx.What I dont like is the price for existing users of previous versions!!!! We alllready paid a good price for the software and must again pay a good price to upgrade the proggy??? Allmost 25 Euro for a upgrade seems to me a bit too much? 15 Euro seems to me a very reasonble price for existing users Sascha!!!! Think it over there are users for who 26 Euro a lot of money is!!!!
  5. Alige


    Hi Burkhard, Got it all but was just asking myself doing a new install FS9 if there was another version then MYT2006 but never found any message so there was my question. Thanks for the quick respons. Geert Burgstra
  6. Alige


    Hi,Like to know whats happend with MYTRAFFIC for FS9?? And what is the today version for it??? Geert
  7. Hi Simon, Git it now,reinstall Simconnect like philip did. Thanks for the info so quick. Regards Geert
  8. Hi Burkhard, Unable to startup Mytrafficboard. First get a error says:cannot load or assemble a file Flightsimulator.simconnect. If I ignore this message I can go on but then get a error says: A uncaught erro ocured,and then a bunch of lines mostly pointed at Window System. Any idea whats happen here?? Regards Geert
  9. Hi Burkhard,Husain, After I get the message I have to wait until the window disappears???how long will that take??I dont see any progress for hours now,stll have a fast connection! Cant Simmarket provide me the update normally??? Regards Geert Burgstra Problems solved,hehehe did NOT update my communicator. All is fine now,sorry Geert
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for the info.I have uninstalled Autothumbnail and ALL works fine now..........heheheh Bye Geert
  11. Hi Pete, Just installed this FSUIPC4 into FSX.....It says all is installed and OK. But when I startup FSX it goes down after 15 seconds or so and just before that it gives me a short look at another small window wich tell me that microsoft corporation needs another program to install.Time is too short to read wich.....??And all shuts down! I removed the modules map and all included from my FSX and all works OK. Any Idea wich program I should gave permission to install??And were I can find it?? Thanks on advance. PS I am a registerd user. Geert Burgstra g.burgstra@ewetel.net
  12. Hi Burkhard, Did you recieve my mail??? just to check,hehheh Geert
  13. Hi Burk, Got a problem with installing this update. The password provide by the checker gives a NOT valid note?? Thanks on advance and your great support Geert The Netherlands
  14. Hi Burkhard, I found a lot of them at Schiphol airport Amsterdam.Althoug I did use the special made AF2 file for the NL2000 scenery and put a passive behind the one provided by MYT,they still showed up in my scenery.So I decided to put that // sign in front of the [flightsim.0] in the aircraft.cfg of any type,for those aircrafts who had a ui variation of White Wing....or Paint Kit to prefend those ac to show up by the traffic generator.....OK? I know its a bit work to do to go true all the .cfg of the ac provided by MYT but I got plenty of time,heheheh regards Geert
  15. Ok Burkhard, Thanks for the reply but the update to 2004 gave me NO error message so I did asume that this was also working for the 2002 boxed version? But in case I was wrong do I then BUY tge 2004 version{online}??? and then all my problems are gone??? Well to update this subject {1405 local}It did not worked out for me to get rid of those withe planes,so I made the following steps.. Open the aircraft.cfg and put // this in front of=[flightsim.01] so the generator want callup this plane into the traffic.And That was working... Thanks anyway for the replys.. regards Geert Burgstra
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