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  1. It's OK somehow it fixed itself and I can now resize FSC
  2. I cant run FSC 9.7 in anything other than full screen, clicking on the double box at the top right does nothing.... so I can't minimise it or resize the screen, it's full screen or nothing 😞 I have just purchased and installed Oculus Rift is this the cause of the problem or can I fix it?
  3. Going back to the original problem you only had to say "I don't know" Many thanks anyway DJB
  4. It didn't say that on the website when I bought it. But it works in FSX Steam edition, many of my friends who use FSX Steam Edition run FSCommander. So why am I getting this error message and they don't? DJB
  5. pic1 path I have to FSCommander saved plans. Pic 2 Path to FSX STeam Edition Pic 3 Path to FSX Steam Edition Flight Plans I also have PMDG and QualityWings ticked will this cause the error? DJB
  6. OK... 1 FSX Steam Edition 2 FSUIPC 4.955c 3 Not in a network 4 FlightSim Commander 9.6 Rev 8 5 Navigraph is the provider of AIRAC cycles. 6 Downloaded from your own web site 7 Operating system. Windows 7 8 Four Monitors are used. So how do I fix this error message? DJB
  7. I know I'm saving flight plans correctly for FSX steam, as I can save and load them ok, but every time I save a flight plan using FSC I get this message.... I have no idea what or why I get it.... any suggestion ?
  8. FSX SE FSUIPC 4.955 Not in a network FS Commander Version 9.6 Rev 7 Navigraph Download version Operating System Windows 7 4 monitors. I've had two problems the first of which I have fixed was the Database Manager, when I updated the path to FSX SE the Scenery Library path froze and I could not enter the path to the scenery library, this of course stopped me from using FS Commander because it would not open until the Database Manager had been run. that I have fixed. The only problem now is the splash screen after I've clicked on "About" then "FSCteam" the opening splash screen shows the old airac not the one I loaded. Opening the AIRAC.ini file it shows I have loaded the new airac. what's causing this problem?
  9. My FSC9 Flash screen shows only an old Airac not the one I updated using Navigraph. The AIRAC.ini within the Database folder shows it is updated but clicking on "About" and opening FSC team it say the old airac. Why is this screen not showing the new airac? My FSC9 is located on my computer in C\FS Commander 9 and that is the same path used in Navigraph. So how do I get the flash screen to show the correct airac?
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