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  1. Many thanks again for your customer care and support ! My best regards, Sotiris.
  2. Pete, I finally made it work as usual. Just set Logitech controller to defaults. Many thanks anyway. Take care, Sotiris
  3. Pete, I really appreciate your patience with my ignorance (incapability) to use FSUIPC for assignments and calibration, even though I 'd so much wish to. In my 20-year flightsim occupation I have managed to cope with a multitude of problems successfully, but this time I tend to resign from trying - see attachments. It might be because of my advanced age (65). So, what I need is to get back to normality my three controllers. Please note I got a powerful new system a few weeks ago and I am still fighting to set it up properly, in order to - at last - fly again. However, the problem with the controllers ID doesn't let me to go on. Having a registered copy of your highly appreciated product for more than 15 years, I used it mainly for tiller and everything was going on perfectly. Until now that I have no idea what's happened. Note that before I disable controllers in P3Dv5.2 (to try FSUIPC assignments), all assignments therein were in place, none was missing. Until the Logitech hat was not working. Nevertheless I gave it a try to use FSUIPC6 for assignment-calibration with poor results (unexpected behaviour of ailerons, elevator and no flaps-setting detents). As you referred to User Guide, in my last installation of FSUIPC6.1.2, the guide was not included and I now try to use FSUIPC4 User Guide. Anyway, I 'd be happy to make my three controllers with the tiller work again, to enjoy my new rig. Again, please forgive my looong post. Best regards, Sotiris Stavrakis FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.log
  4. Do you mean through FSUIPC ? Yes, a couple of times unsuccessfully. Is there any tutorial of how to ? Again, do you think P3D has caused the problem ? Anyhow, I checked within P3D menu and all controller assignments are in place. Regards
  5. Found it, used it, but nothing changed. FSUIPC6.ini
  6. Sure John, here it is. This is v6.12 though. FSUIPC6.ini
  7. Hi Pete, Yesterday while I had installed registered FSUIPC6 v6.11, I noticed that some functions (switches) of Logitech Extreme 3D had been lost, namely the HAT switch. The other controllers are CH products yoke & pedals. I checked the FSUIPC.ini file and noticed a warning below the [Joy names] section reading : 0. was 1, but was duplicated. And 1. was 0. but was duplicated. Today, I installed the v6.12, there were no warnings in ini file, but still the Logitech hat doesn't work even if through the calibration interface it does respond when pressed. Could you please have any helpful idea on this ? Running win10 64, P3Dv5.2 FSUIPC6.log
  8. Many thanks again Pete. It now works following your suggestion !
  9. Thanks Pete for your reply, However, Traffic details window of the programme remains blank while FSX is running. On the other hand, I have inserted TrafficLook.exe in the Antivirus exclusions. Ran out of ideas. Should I place it within FSX main folder or what ? Sotiris.
  10. Hi Pete, I 've just upgraded from win7 64 to win10 64 and I realized that TrafficLook doesn't work on FSX Accel. I may miss something, so could you please confirm where to place the exe, in order to see it working ? Many thanks and happy Holidays.
  11. They say that no support is any longer provided for their products running on win7/8 32/64. Nice professional attitude !!
  12. I would like to know about fellow simmers' findings in the case described in topic title (FS9). Is it working properly or not ? Thanks for your time, Sotiris
  13. Good evening Peter, I have got FSUIPC (registered) and I 'd like to know what you think on this one matter: I read carefully FSUIPC manual concerning the winds settings. Therein you say that FS2004 has a bug which results to even an 180 degrees wind change on the ground, especially at neighbouring airports with conflicting metars. That's the problem I 've been trying to deal with for many months now. Athens Hellinikon LGAT was closed in 2001 but still its Met station provides metars which in most cases conflict with Athens new airport LGAV. When I place my aircraft at LGAV 8 times out of 10 FS2004 shift+Z keys show me wind elements varying 90 to180 degrees more than those quoted by either AS2004 or FSMeteo. AS a result, ATC instructs me to take the opposite runway to take off, which is apparently not real at all. And this happens despite checking or unchecking options either on external weather programs or on FSUIPC wind options. What I 'd like to ask you is : Can this bug be dealt with or we must forget FS2004 once for all and wait for the new FS ? Excuse my interrupting your fine work and waisting of your time. Sotiris Stavrakis Athens, Greece.
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