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  1. Thank you Pete.Sorry to hear of your condition.Best Wishes.DJW.
  2. Peter,could you recommend someone in the NW of England who can assist with setting up a simulator for public use.It will be using a redundant airframe and installing by engineers the PFC hardware.We are looking for someone who can assist on using FSX + FUIPC of course and for preference is familiar with PFC and its componants.The person should be skilled in computer techs.Your advice would be welcomed.Trinidad(DJW)
  3. Thanks Andy,I bought my PFC when I sold my TB20(trinidad)as "compesation"when I retired.I have been in touch with Pete he has been helpful but some glitches remain.Best wishes Desmond.
  4. B.737NGX(PMDG).I noticed your "warning" which is important info.I have the PFC unit and that with the B737 is causing me and others problems in spite of the repro of the aircraft systems being very accurate.I wondered if you use the PFC and as I live in Wilmslow I would welcome a chat with you.You would be welcome to see my set up being local.If so how should we be in contact bearing in mind security?Desmond.(trinidad).
  5. Thank you Pete,My problem is with the B737NGX from PMDG.I have been in touch with PFC but have not received any solutions from them.I will look again at the site you suggested and see if others have similar glitches and how to tackle.I will let you know if anything emerges which may be of use in case others approach you.Best Wishes Desmond.
  6. I also have the PFC control unit with the jetliner quadrent however it is the desk mounted unit which has gear lever.flaps,and a number of other control switches.My problem is not the throttle levers of the PFC unit not controlling the spool up or down but other glitches.1.The gear lever on PFC does not raise or lower gear.2.The AP switch although with light showing green rarely enables activation of LNAV or VNAV.3.With the AP swich on sometimes the IAS/MACH button fails to operate(I have the A/T on/armed).The IAS/Mach can be very useful if the VNAV+LNAV not responding to the AP/CMD. I would be very grateful for any guidance you could offer me please.Yes you can fly in manual mode(good for training for a rating!)but without a first officer can be a little daunting. I use FSX with W7 and 64 bit.Regards to you Peter.Desmond(Trinidad)
  7. Thanks Pete for going into the problem in such depth.I will try the various suggestions and hopefully we might resolve the issue. I tell my friends the propilots I have a lot of windshear! Kind Regards Desmond.(trinidad)
  8. I wonder if you could suggest a remedial action using your excellant FUIPC.I use the PFC Cirrus 11,pedals and the jetliner yoke. For some time now in flight especially with fast light aircraft such as the FSX Hawk,Spitfire etc but also other aircraft(slighty less on "heavies" there are sudden wing drops of the aircrafts own accord and only fast work on the throttle/rudder stops it sometimes from turning over(but not always!).In autoflight does not occur. I accept it may be the pentionmeters in the PFC unit have gone weak or are failing but as I am in UK it would mean ordering new pots from the US and having them fitted. Have you any suggestions for perhaps trying use of FUIPC in some way to alleviate the condition.I would be gratefull for any suggestions. Trinidad.
  9. :oops: Thanks once again.I am somewhat careful what I do after a number of 'disasters' in the recent past! I'm sure the extensive coverage in the Forum will help me forward. Pete,kind regards to you down the M6.Trinidad.
  10. Thank you to Pete for a rapid&helpful response.I am right to assume that inserting the latest FSUIPC I should delete the earlier versions or will they be overwritten(sorry for earlier error)?Trinidad
  11. AUSTRIAN AIRPORTS>FS9 VOLS1-6.Downloaded sucessful but only default Cessna can enter airfield.Other add on aircraft (Seneca,King Air+heavies) wont 'take' and screen reverts to desk top.Tried 6/7 times and rec'd message suggesting FSUIPC needs removing where duplicated.Checked and this is so.Eg .dll @345 MB dated 17/02/03 has also .dll @ 194MB dated 21/04/04 there are other items.This may be causing a problem but not happened before.Should I delete the earlier .dll or replace with Peters latest version.The FSUIPC programmes dont seem to overight as indicated.I would be glad of any advice please.Trinidad.
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