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  1. Hi Pete, I am using FSUIPC 3.9 together with ASE SP5 in FS 9.1. This has always proved to be a very compatible pair of software. However since the 3.999z versions I experience this problem some people reported using AS 2012 in FSX: at my arrival airport I get the opposite rwy heading by ATC as should be, according to actual wind reports in ASE. For example approaching KDFW with winds gusting up to 18 k from 193 degrees in ASE(real weather downloaded) ATC sends me to the 35 or 36 rwy's instead of the 17 and 18 rwy's as it used to do before. Of course I installed v 3.999z8, but no improvement. I unistalled and reinstalled both ASE and FSUIPC. No improvement. I followed exactly the installation instructions of ASE in relation to the (registered) FSUIPC version. It looks like a certain incompatibility between the two programs. At the same time it is a consistent error. Any suggestions what to do? Thanks in advance, Tom dd.sept.19: sorry Peter and everyone, something went completely wrong by posting in this section not able to transfer it
  2. Hi Burkhard, I try to find the Communicator in MyTraffic 2006 for fs9. I cannot find it. Please advise. Tompie
  3. Hi Burkhard, maybe a stupid question but is this version equal tot the MyTraffic 2006 for FS9? Tompie
  4. when I download real world weather in fs9 and the conditions is rain on the airport at which I depart, the rain has gone when I do a return flight to another airport . Is this normal for fs 9 ? Can I do something with FSUIPC to avoid this ? Tompie
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