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  1. Hello John. Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it. Regards...Ken.
  2. Hello Thomas. Thank you for the explanation. I now understand why I have to reload after a change in LINDA. I have not seen any information that advises on that but I'll have another look. I see that I have a red warning on my initial post. Have I inadvertantly posted in the wrong place? If so I apologise. Where should I ask any future questions? I have not had to ask for support before as FSUIPC has met all my simming needs so far. Regards...Ken.
  3. Please post questions related to FSUIPC always in Main Forum. Hi Folks. I have only recently discovered LINDA and am starting to make some headway with it. However, I have to reload the Buttons + Switches in FSUIPC each time I assign an action in LINDA. I am checking the correct action in the sim every so often . I am using LINDA 3.0.12c and FSUIPC 4.9.74 in Windows 10 and FSX-SE with a CH Yoke. I hope to move on to more complex aircraft after setting up the default C172. I know this is only a slight inconvenience but I am thinking that it should not happen this way, i.e. having to reload the Buttons and Switches. Can anyone help with an answer as to why this is happening? Regards...Ken.
  4. Pete, many thanks for the prompt reply. The Reverser set button did the trick. I'm saddened to read about your eyesight condition, and appreciate even more your help. Best wishes...Ken
  5. Hi Folks, I have a CH flight yoke USB and am flying with FS2K2 and using FSUIPC ver. 2.97. My mixture control has stopped working. It is enabled and reports as OK. When I remove FSUIPC as a test the control operates again. Any ideas? Regards... Ken.
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