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  1. Hi, What is the best way to detect if the user's aircraft is moving? Thanks, Ido
  2. No difficulty I just said that I use c#
  3. Thanks Everything works I use c# not VB.
  4. Thanks How can I get winds information from a specific airport ?
  5. Hi, I get this error: "Error CS1729 'WeatherServices' does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments" edit: Now it works but in the metar message I get this and not a normal metar: KFHR&A34 000000Z 00000KT&D0NG 27020KT&A1967NG 27025KT&A5967NG 100KM&B-482&D3048 1CU056&CU001FNMN000N 6CI392&CI001FNMN000N 15/05 Q1013 @@@ 66 15 270 20 | 197 15 270 25 |
  6. Is there a way to display a message in the fsx?
  7. Thank you very much Paul!
  8. Hello, How can I get meta from a specific airport? Thanks (please edit the subject to this one: c# - metar from a specific ICAO)
  9. How can I know what variable should i use? Thanks, Ido
  10. Hi Paul, Everything works now. Thank you very much for your quickly reply. Ido
  11. Hello, I cant read the nearest ICAO with the offset 0x0658 Could you give an example Thanks , Ido