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  1. Yes I know, the problem is that my VA uses only FSFK for all the pireps, then the only way to give a chance to the XPLANE users is to find the waty of linking FSFK with XPUIPC. Due that the FSFK is allways linked by FSUIP I was thinking about the possibilite of find the solution with the info of all the involved people in this development. If the only answer is that there is no option I think that we are loosing an oportunity to increase the user of this incredible add on like FSFK is. Anyway thanks a lot for the help. Kind regards Francisco Sintes
  2. Hello, I have been using FS9 and FSUIPC long time like register user. Now I have moved to X-pLane and I need to link FS FLight Keeper with XPUIPC. At the moment there is no way and no support with the supplier of FSFK. The only problems is that FSFK ask for a code of FSUIP registered in order to start the fuctions. Can you please indicate me how can I handle it??? Do you considered start a new XPFSUIPC with the functionality of the FSUIPC in order to handle the FS aplications?? Thanks a lot!!! Francisco Sintes
  3. Dear Peter, I have register FSUIPC a long time ago using my old e-mail, two days ago I register WIDE FS using my new e-mail, but FSUIPC says that I need to use my old e-mail when I registered it, what can I do?? Thank's
  4. Dear sir, do you know if there is possible to use the A320 panel from Mr Marciano using FSUIPC OFFSETS?? Thank's
  5. Yes sir, you get 4 more buttons usually with a 45 46 or47 number.
  6. Dear sir, does it exist any way to use FSUIPC within PSS A320 software, I want to build my home made cockpit and i need to know if I can use my AP and EFIS hardware with PSS software. At the present I can't find a way to link hardware and software using FSUIP. Thank's. Francisco Sintes Spain A320 cockpit builder
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