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  1. Thanks for your help guy's. After talking it over with some of my colleagues I decided to just use canned data. We have built a couple of RC-135 cockpit trainers, one for the A.F. and one for our SIL using FS2004 to drive both the UNS 1-D+ and associated equipment with glass displays. We put up a 30" LCD to show the visual. Pretty cool. Everyone who has seen it has gone out and bought their own copy of FS2004. Still have a few bugs to work out with the interface software. One problem is trying to capture the glide slope properly for an ILS approach. It is too aggressive sometimes and overshoots and ends up chasing the needle all the way down the glideslope. Very aggrevating. I'm also still having problems with winds. No matter what I tell FS2004 to do for winds the TAS and GS are always the same and thus the UNS calculates 0 winds. Still trying to figure this one out.
  2. Thanks for your help, I figured there probably wasn't, but I thought I should still ask.
  3. I'm not sure if you have covered this or not, but I was wondering about the GPS satellite availability from FS04. Is simulated satellite info (sat #, elev, sig, etc.) available from FS04? I am simulating a GPS output in Arinc 429 format to a Universal UNS-1D FMS and would like to provide simulated satellite date rather than just canned data. Thanks for your help! Ryan
  4. Thanks, I'll try those out. I did have a joystick attached, so I'll try disabling it.
  5. Is it possible to steer the aircraft while taxing or accelerating down the runway with FSUIPC? I have tried adjusting the rudder position (0x0BBA), but it does not seem to do anything. Thanks for any help! Ryan
  6. I am having trouble determining winds. Let me explain. I am using 0x02B8 for TAS and 0x3190 and 0x3198 for GS velocity calculations. I apply winds through the weather section of FS2004, but I do not see a difference in GS and TAS. They are still the same number (or close). I have applied 34 knot winds in a certain direction, flew that heading and saw that the TAS and GS matched. I would think that I would see TAS - 34 for the GS. I used FS Interrogate to look at the ambient winds at location 0x0E90 and the direction at 0x0E92, and they matched what I put into FS2004. Are the velocities at 0x3190 and 0x3198 not really ground speed? I also noticed that other GS variables, like the one at 0x02B4, also match TAS no matter what wind I put in. Has anyone else seen this problem or know what I am doing wrong? Thanks for any help! Ryan
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