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  1. Tanks Pete, tanks David Ok this is the routine re-writed by PMDG for SpdBrk. But why PMDG don't implement ARM control in their Key Assignement menu? I remember you that this menu provided assignement for ALL mcp, EFIS and CDU control. The FD system (MCP, CDU, ecc) are re-writen routine too. Bye
  2. OK! i go to buy Key2Mouse only for one command. Sigh!!! Tanks Pete you are the best.
  3. Tank's at all and sorry for bad english. In this time it's impossible to set SpdBrk-ARM whit key in PMDG???? With this arcraft is possible to emulate all MCP and EFIS function with keypress and is impossible to set SpdBRk ARM???? This is a big problem for my Throttle quadrant. This is connect whit PC Joy Port and i have all 4 axis locked (Throttle 1, 2, Flap, Rudder). For this reason i have made the SpdBrk lever with 3 position (and 3 switch) connected at handmade Keyboard emulator. PETE DON'T READ THIS PLEASE. What is the software (Sorry Pete) named "Key2Mouse"? This is the last possibility for me.
  4. In the groud is possible to set Arm whit muose (SpdBrk ARM indicator = light green). I have tested to set ARM with key in the FS default assigement menu without result, and i have tested too with FSUIPC Key menu without result. It don't work in Spoiler_increase (decrease), dont work in Spoiler_ARM_set, don't work in Spoiler_arm_toggle. It work ONLY whit mouse. Why?
  5. Dear Pete i have a problem with PMDG cockpit and my hand-made throttle quadrant with SpdBrk lever. This control is connected with Keyboard emulator and it press 3 switch (SpdBrk off, arm, on). It work good for SpdBrk On and OFF, don't work for ARM. For me it's impossible to set ARM whit Key command. This is possible only with mouse. You have a idea for to set my control? Tanks.
  6. Dear Pete Now my reverse command is OK. This is my setting: Button press (when i pull reverse levers) = THROTTLEn_decrease with repeat. Button release (when i release reverse lever) = AXIS_THROTTLEn_SET with parameter 1000 (NOT 0). With this setting it work good. Tanks for all.[/b]
  7. OK Pete Tanks for information. I have made 2 levers (for reverse) in the principal throttlr levers (like the real). This reverse lever are connected at 2 swich (joy button in pc). Is a good idea to set this button for to press F2 (fast repeat) when the throttle is in idle position ???
  8. I have made a throttle quadrant with 2 separate throttle control and 2 electrical swich (Joy button 1-2) for "Reverse Thrust". I have set trottle axis without reverse (lever full back = idle). In 737 by PMDG the reverse toggle (Shift + p in default assignement) dont work. It's possible to use a joy button for activate reverse thrust? I don't want the reverse command in the axis of the throttle, this is unrealistic. Tanks and sorry for my bad english.
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