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  1. Hi, a printed flight plan in FS Commander can consist maximally of three parts: 1. general information, such as departure, destination, aircraft, fuel, etc. 2. waypoint list which looks pretty much like what you see in the flight plan table 3. control zone information if available Any of the these three parts can be checked for printing before the actual printing is done. Note that you can also save and print out a flight plan in XML format in which case you can determine yourself which information you would like to have. We provide a simple style sheet, More complex style sheets must be written by the user. Rgards Sascha
  2. Hi, thank you very much for your kind words. They encourage us to also work hard in the future. Regards Sascha & Volker
  3. how do you set up FSC9 on laptop so I wont have to use it on desktop while FSX is running on my main computer

    Borvorn Chantamoke. I use Windows 7 64 bit on both need help with Windows 7 not 98 or XP

  4. how do you set up FSC9 on laptop so I wont have to use it on desktop while FSX is running on my main computer

    Borvorn Chantamoke.

  5. Hi Ian, we will think about it, however, we are somewhat skeptical because a ring does not give you exact distances. Apart from that zooming in and out gives a a rough approximation of visible distances. Regards Sascha
  6. Hi Ian, thanks for the suggestion, but why don't you simply take the measuring tool which is extactly for those purposes you mention. A range ring would be no good because it would only work for very short distances; otherwise the ring would have to look more like an egg or an ellipsis. Regards Sascha
  7. Hi Tom, the TCAS alert in FS Commander can be combined with a sound signal. Go to the menu "GPS" and there is an entry TCAS Sound, that should be checked. Regards Sascha
  8. Hi Frank, since we are planning to release a new version 9.1 in October, the tutorial is currently "under construction". We will announce as soon as it is done. Regards Sascha
  9. Hi, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a "separate text window". The GPS window is a separate window and it contains text message, e.g. for altitude, heading, distance, etc. If this is not what you want, you might want to clarify what exactly you want. Regards Sascha
  10. Hi Kenneth, I would be most happy to help you, if I - or a few other people I showed your post - understood what you are talking about. Of course, nothing happens. What do you expect to happen if something's finished. you don't have to buy a new registration key because the key you got from SimMarket is still valid.The only thing we can advise you to do is somewhat radical. a. Use our fscsetup.exe to de-install FS Commander b. Delete the complete folder in which FSC9 was installed c. Install FSC9 again d. run the Database Manager e. run FS Commander f. choose menu About --> Register g. enter the data as they appear on the SimMarket registration mail Regards Sascha & Volker
  11. Hi, apart from the information in the GPS window there is no separate text information on the aircraft's heading. If you need further information, you can also directly contact me via e-mail. The address you find at the bottom of our home page. Regards Sascha
  12. Hi AoA, First of all, to clarify matters. The problem you have is NOT one of FS Commander, but rather one of WideFS, i.e. transmission of data. Even though this is the case, we have tried to help you in various ways with detailed descriptions. Nevertheless we are willing to check you log files in order to know what is going wrong, not with FS Commander, but with WideFS. Please make a connection between WideServer and WideClient so that in FSX' title bar displays "one client connected" and also the title bar of WideClient shows "connected". Now start your FS Commander and make the connection to FS (menu: GPS - connected to FS") Then close FS Commander and WideClient again. Please send the following files to Volker: WideServer.log to be found in your FS folder under folder/modules. WideClient.log to be found on your client computer where you have installed WideClient Volker's address can be found on your homepage (www.fscommander.com) Regards Volker & Sascha
  13. Hi Kenneth, I'm somewhat confused about what you did, because version 9 - as well as all previous versions - are BOTH for FS9 and FSX. So there is no need to de-install and re-install the program when you switch from FS9 to FSX. The only thing you need to do is to choose FSX on the Display tab of the Options Window. Of course you have to run the Database Manager first to create the necessary databases for FSX. You are NEVER PROMPTED to enter the registration key you received from SimMarket. What you need to do is to enter the registration key you received from SimMarket in the About --> Register. Regards Sascha
  14. Hi, multiplayer aircraft are processed by fsuipc. The limit is 96 aircraft. Furthermore, the range of visible aircraft needs to be set in fsuipc. Range 0 means unlimited range; however, fsuipc places an internal limit of roughly 40nm to reduce processing load. I suggest that you read the chapter "AI traffc and TCAS" in our documentation as well as the corresponding parts in the fsuipc documentation. Regards Sascha
  15. Hi Miguel, Quite frankly I don't understand your problem at all. You don't want to export the flight plan to FSX, but you want to use it in FSX. How is that supposed you work. How can FSX use a flight plan that is only in FS Commander? Telepathy? I'm lost. Regards Sascha
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