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  1. H, We need to know a few things. Which aircraft, which variant of FSX, Including service pack level, is Accelaration installed, what version of Windows, basic hardware on the computer, such as what video card, how much memory, anything else relevant? What did do re-install? Is DX10 preview on? Then we may be able to help. Glenn
  2. Tord, I'm not real familiar with the FSX file structure, but I would suggest trying the Recycle Bin. The deleted file may be there. Hope this helps, GLenn
  3. Memory is not the same thing as disk space. If you were out of disk space, and freed up some, as it sounds like you've done, that's one thing but it doesn't really address the memory issue. What operating system (Windows variant) and system memory do you have? If you are running Windows XP with less than 1 meg of memory, or Vista with less than 2 meg, buying more will almost definitely help. If you right-click the task bar, and select the task manager, then Processes you will see a list of things running in the background. That will include things like your mouse driver, AV and firewall software and a lot of basic Windows components. It may take some detective work to figure out what's running and what you can do without. That's way beyond what I can help with, but that should be a starting point. Glenn
  4. Kagazi, If you are using the FS Map, click on the airport on the map and you will get a pop-up with all the necessary information. If there are two closely located things (like an airport and a VOR). you will choose from a list. Now, once you know what the runway alignment is, look at the DG or HSI on your panel. Assuming you have a complete round compass (not jsut the arc at the top), find the runway headings on your DG or HSI. That will show you how the runway is aligned to your current heading. Set up the pattern from there. I'm sure you know that pattern altitude for GA aircraft is usually 1000 feet AGL. Glenn
  5. Benoit, JL2 has been out for quite some time. I don't think its even shown as an option on RXP's site now so I doubt if there will be any new development on it. FLN is the latest and greatest. Glenn
  6. Benoit, Obviously, I'm not Peter, but . . . Reality XP's FLN package does have an ADF that dips properly. Its not free, but then you get what you pay for. Glenn
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