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  1. *smile* I found that gauge now (its inside a .cab) and so am able to replace it and then insert the macros. MAN, exactly things like this make me frightened. I don't understand one word of this. Guess I'll make the standart backup and then test it out. Thanx a lot! Regards, Andy
  2. Hy Roman! Thank you very much for the information. That's exactly what I ment saying "...so far I didn't need any real deeper knowlege of FSUIPC...". What you post there could be swahili to me. But I will keep that information and let's see if I can make something out of whithin the next few months ... Regards, Andy
  3. Hy there! I have the FSC with newest update running on my Client PC via WideClient. No problems there. But I don't get the "Remember GPS window"-function to work correctly. The window obviously is saved at an older position, and I can do whatever I want to get it "remembered" to the new position, it always shows up at the old position. I tried several ways. Closed the GPS window, took the checkmark out of the checkbox, restarted the program, repositioned the GPS window, set the checkmark again, restartd the program .... it always shows up at the "older" place.... What am I doing wrong? Kind regards, Andy
  4. Thanks Pete! Yes, I' using default FSX Baron 58. And you mention the right button. I thought maybe I might get also this one to work via a rotary button. I know it's not important, but it's there! :-) I'll just ignore it then. Regards, Andy
  5. Hy! I have found almost everything I will need now to continue (I have all the rotary-encoders, pushbuttons, switches, etc on my table and am experimenting with them and FSUIPC, that looks really good). What I cannot find is this rotary-knob at the Baron58's airspeed-indicator-gauge (above the turn-coordinator and left of the artificial horizon). Don't know it's correct name... Does that one exist in the dropdown menu and I just can't recognice it by it's name? Or is there a more sophisticated way to program it? (so far I didn't need any real deeper knowlege of FSUIPC, but I plan to go deeper anyway, for a next and more sophisticated cockpit 2014 or 2015 maybe) Kind regards, Andy
  6. Sorry Pete, at this point I have to commit I haven't even read the complete FSUIPC-Documetation yet. I'm fumbeling around with different topics an MUST read all the Documantations FIRST and properly, I really see that now. I do have them all, and have begun to read them, but not finished that yet. And without these fundamentals I'll only ask dumb questions and steel your time. Sorry for beeing so unpacient with all this. And for now so unproductively. I' come back later for FSUIPC-related questions! Thanx Regards, Andy
  7. ooop..... this here was ment: http://www.hweistra.nl/IvAp_v2_FSX_English_in_a_network_v3_2.pdf
  8. I really want to get into all this whole matter much deeper within the next months. FSUIPC seems to be the very first thing, one has to understand if he wants to build up a little cockpit. And Pete: I'll do my very best to only post FSUIPC related questions here in the future. :-) So far I almost can's see where the one ends and the other begins .... , sorry for all these off-topics :-) Just as an information, if you might want to take a look at it (you might have seen it allready, it's only 5 pages): this here seems serious, and it's about as well sim-connect, ivap, AND FSUIPC, somehow working together, but I don't get all of it ...yet .... Than you until here, I'll come back for more FSUIPC ;-) Greetings, Andy
  9. Thank you very much so far. Yes. I did mean to cut the wires of the ment pushbutton inside the "master"-yoke and reconnect them to the other (broken) yoke's "usb-interface-board" (???), like it was the other yokes pushbutton. Then plug this other yoke into the client-pc and there have it connected via joy-to-key to have the push-to-talk button adressing teamspeak. That's all. Quite diffucult for someone not knowing much about these thing. And whith big leaks in technical english ..... But I already found more information and will be getting along. And when saying the broken yoke was recognized on both systems I ment WIN-7 as the operating system of the pc, in both cases, not more than that .... But the information about the buttons (yes) and axis (no) is usefull! Tahnk you! So long, kond regards, Andy
  10. Hy there! At very first: I'm really bad in searching forums for topics, so if this topic might be handeled somewhere pretty close allready, I was't able to find it. Just tell me where. I have installed the registered version of FSUIPC on my Server-PC (Master_System; WIN7 prof, 64 bit) and WideFS on my (first and so far only) client-PC (slave-system; Win7 prof, 32 bit) few days ago, and that looks fine so far. I'm not at all a programmer, nor do I have any experience with visual or c++ or that stuff, nor yet real in any serious cockpit building ... ! I've only for example been changing cfg's manually and stuff like that so far. FlightSimCommander works on the second PC, it was quite some fumbeling getting that done, especially all the setting for the network, but it works. Completely, I would say. It takes control of planes autopilot , when I want it to, and it updates the database correctly, when I want it to. Also (the unregistered version so far, I first want to see, what it does, (AND WHAT I CAN MAKE IT DO !!!) FSXpand and FSClient work fine. FSXpand plus one FSclient with it's own IP on my Master-PC, and two Clients with eych one it's own IP on my Slave-PC. I do this very much to experience what's possible for me, and then, later on, decide how to continue. I might soon find some answers for my quenstion in some documentation or somewhere in forums, but I can only read and work little parts of the documentations and infos every day, or my head will go into emergency-procedures and just switch off. :smile: Just to see, what's possible for the future, and to also setup my IvAp+Teamspeak onto the slave-PC, I plugged my old and damaged CH-Yoke into this. (I have the new one on master-PC and to work FSX, thats fine). The old one is recogniced by the slave-system. (Having tried this old one on the master-pc, it was also recognised and FSX was albe to work both Yokes). Info: I want to reconnect one of the left yoke switches of the master-PC (FSX) to the yoke plugged into the slave-system, to then work teamspeak via "joy-to-key" on the slave-system (I somewhere read, "joy-to-key" isn't able to work via WideFS and FSUIPC, but IvAp is). But I don't get the yoke connected to FSX now??? Dont find it in FSUIPC .. Can I? Somehow? ************************************ My next problem is the IvAp itself, I don't get it working on the slave so far but there should be other forums for this in IVAO I guess. Looked so easy, now it won't work so far ..... BUT: Do I / how do I get the CH-Yoke plugged in the slavePC to work MasterPCs FSX? That has to do something with cockpit biulding, and my experience is not eneough yet for this .... Thanx for reading this and if so, for any answer and any good advice! Greetings, Andy
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