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  1. Hi I have read that there are issues with PFC serial based hardware and the PMDG 737NGX which I have just installed so i am working through the issues from other threads. I am using 4.361 and 4.727 with the jeliner console and Jetliner Yoke running through a dedictated serial port ( I bought a PCI serial port card as on Pete's suggestion I was having troubles with the cheaper usb convertors). My issues I need some help on are follows: 1)On the PFC driver console page I select the jetliner console and press ok and the driver screen parameter page closes. When I then go back in it has defaulted back to the Cirrus II console and it seems there is no way for me to get the driver to keep my selected option of the Jetliner Console. 2)I am trying to use FSUIPC to setup my quadrant and the first step is to disable the quadrant in the PFC driver page "quadrants" by unchecking the Quadrant enabled box so I can use FSUipc to calibrate. Again when I press ok and exit when I open it up again the box is rechecked. Any idea what I am doing wrong ? Thanks Stephen
  2. Hi Peter, I have loaded Win 7 and using the latest PFC Driver a FSUIPC. I also have the PFC Jetliner console and yoke runnign through the com port. There are a few issues I am having as follows: 1) The PFC driver setup screen is partly cutoff on the windows popup in that its like the bottom and right hand side have been lopped off which means you can't set up the PFC hardware options. 2) I have this annoying issue with the speed brake in that you cant put them fully down and have to use the keyboard. The output numbers will not go to zero so the speed brakes can not be stowed unless you use a keyboard command. 3) Every 20 minutes or so I loose all commincation with the console and all the various buttons and axises just jump all over the place. Do you think this is software related or hardware related? regards Steve
  3. Dear Pete I currently have two button issues with the jetliner console as follows: 1) The AT disengage of the 737 NG throttle does not register on the test page of the PFC driver. I note that I have checked to see if the a/t lead is plugged in. I have also emailed PFC to see if it is a hardware problem. Any ideas? 2) The auto throttle off switch registers on the PFC driver test page as 9202 Jetswchs =02 (Auto throttle down/off toggle) but when I try to assign a keystroke to this switch in FSUIPC it won't register as a button . I note that the on switch up toggle work. Any idea here on this one ? I have tried both the current PFC driver and FSUIPC modules and also tried the Beta versions 1.989 and 3.5. Hopefully you may have time to help. Regards Stephen Spiers :D
  4. Sorry been away over east so I am a bit late.... PFC did not say much but I understand that the controller board is getting fairly full so I don't think the trims can be given separate outputs. This is a shame because the development you have done with your PFC driver could have been more widely appreciated. The way the trim works now by redcing the travel is a tad annoying and basically renders the trims useless all but for minute adjustments. It seems the problem with the trims page after much investigation is that I also checked the box for nose wheel steering which was obviously rendering the rudder inoperable until the change over speed. I will stay way from this page until I have either a shaker unit or a stering tiller I promise. On wards and upwards and don't forget the jetliner console users while u blast around in your new wicked cockpit! :D :D :D
  5. Peter I have spoken to PFC and they have confirmed that the trims feed into the main control output. I have asked them whether now with your new driver there is space on the controller give the trims their own output. I would have thought since they have moved to the new jet cockpit there would be some room on the board for the other devices that used to be attach to the jetliner console. I will post an update as a continuation of this thread. As a side issue if the trim page is not totally disabled and if you check the boxes to enable the trims it locks up all the main controls with the jetliner console. I found this out due to me trying to use that page to fix the elevator trim. Perhaps a warning on the page with your next update to only use these boxes with the jet cockpit. Regards Stephen
  6. Peter I will reassign some rocker switches as you suggest but thanks again for saving me a month working out that the trims reduce travel! Stephen
  7. Peter I have to admit after I sent the email I thought I could check the values on the elevator page and I will do this when I get home. I have sent an email to PFC regards the output and asked them if there is enough room on the main controller board to let the trims have a separate output. Thanks for the tip on the reduced travel if you use the trim wheel as this would have taken me ages to work out by trial and error. I am disapointed as all the trim wheels have a real nifty feel and whilst I have a jetliner yoke my left hand has severed nerves so rocker switches are a pain and I disable them as without touch I accidently untrim the a/c all the time! I also used to use as a tiller the rudder trim on my throttle quadrant from PFC as it was smoother than the rudders which is what is needed with the twitchy ground response on MSFS. I will report on my discussions with PFC. Stephen
  8. Peter It would not surprise me that the elevator trim goes direct to the elevator output so better get my soldering iron out! I will check with Eric tonight and see if different output/input means separate output/input or what they meant is that the trims directly adust the actaul control outputs and that this is different to the jet cockpit which has spearate channels for the trims. You are correct in that the trim wheel is the little pot next to the parking brake switch. Have a nice time away! Stephen
  9. Dear Peter I have just received purchased a jetliner console and plugged in my jetliner yoke and pedals and I have loaded the lastest versions of the PFC driver and FSUIPC (registered of course!). PFC have confirmed there is a wiring issue on my new console and my elevator trim is back to front and are going to get me to do a simple rewire to the analogue trim wheel but I suggested I use the trim axis page and reverse it. Apparently this trim axis setup only works with the jet cockpit and not the jetliner console. Could you please add to your list of PFC driver enhancements to look at the axis setup page so the PFC driver can pickup the analogoe outputs from the jetliner console trims? It would be great to be able to customise a trim axis like you can with the yoke and rudders and throttle. Thanks for your work as if it was not for your software I would not be able to integrate all the components I use with such relative ease. Regards Stephen
  10. Pete Thanks for your reply. I updated to the latest version FSUIPC 3.411 and it works now. Under the previous version when you released the button(rocker switch) it just kept repeating. I was in a 737 NG cockpit about 8 weeks ago as my friend is a check captain and on the left hand side of Captain's yoke (Left for 1st officer) there are three thumb switches that rotate to set a course heading. I attach a picture I have for your thoughts. Thanks for all your programming work Pete! Stephen
  11. Pete I am trying to program the rocker switches to the PMDG MCP course and heading likewhat is on a real NG Yoke. I can't get the button the rocker to repeat when held down when using FSUIPC to assign. I thought it is becuase the rocker switch is only a momentary switch. Stephen