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  1. Networked a laptop to run FSC10. Updated database, works great except It will not accept the registration so it times out. I had no problems registering it on the main computer before I networked the computers. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Vince
  2. That was it....I had forgotten about the patch...my bad...thanks for your assistance.. Vince P.S. I hope that winter storm isnt causing too much trouble your way...I hear about 12" of snow was forecated for the east coast...
  3. Tom, Thanks for the suggestion but thats not it...have both options checked for printing...After a reinstall the RS simply doesnt print anymore...has me baffled. Vince
  4. Not sure what I did but the route string no longer prints when I print a flight plan..... vs 8.4 Vista32 FSX airac 902 Any suggestions?? Thanks, Vince
  5. Update.. Uninstalled / reinstalled program...vs.8.4 / updated airac cycle from 901 to 902...same result... Any suggestions? Vince
  6. Thanks for the reply..and your assumption was correct, route string box. Your comment doesnt seem to solve it for me...Here's an example... KDTW DUNKS J70 PMM J547 OBK J100 BCE GRNPA1.BCE KLAS Select Dep. and Arr. airports, DUNKS goes in fine, accepts J70, PMM...then when I go to input "J547" nothing...wont accept it. Other routes that I have tried have simular results. I'm not sure what the problem is... Vince
  7. Greetings... When trying to input J-Routes into a flight plan sometimes their accepted, other times they are not. I tried looking in the documents but this was not addressed..I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong....help.! 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 3. vs.8.4.2 Build 171208 4. Aerosoft version or download version from our website (not sure) 5. Vista32 Thanks in advance, Vince
  8. Thanks in advance.. FSC 8.4 While online, and selecting to download Vatsim info...a bar graph shows that the file is downloading but then I get an error message that says "Error reading in online file. download file again". Any suggestions? Vince
  9. Pete, "It really is time you checked with the SimConnect support folks." Yes..I've learned that I need to use SimConnect..and I'm in the process of trying to set that up... I appoligize for taking up your time with all my questions...I did appreciate all your assistance, and I do appreciate your contribution to the community.. Best Regards, Vince
  10. Pete, I do see the message on top of FSX saying "WideServer: 1 connected" To me it sounds like WideServer is functioning properly, do you agree? If so it sounds like an instalation problem with SB4.. Thanks, Vince
  11. Pete, Thanks for the reply..I believe you may have touched on something...you wrote "if you are seeing that WideClient is connected according to both its and FS's title bars" On FSX I do not see on the title bar that wideClient is running...all I see related to this is under "Add On's" is that FSUIPC is installed. Inside of FSUIPC I have the option of disabeling WideFS. Does this mean anything to you.. Vince P.S. SB has little to zero inst. on how to install/config for multible computers.
  12. Having a bit of trouble..Assistance appreciated. Trying to use new SB on lapton while running FSX on deskstop. Installed Registerd copys of latest FSUIPC and WideFS, Followed inst. as written. Installed SB on both computers....desktop to run FSX, lapton to run SB Installed FSUIPC and WideFS as instructed Start Wideclient on laptop..says connected. Try to start SB for FSX and get error mess. "app. config. incorrect, reinstall app" (doesnt help) Try starting SB for 2004 fill out all info and get error message "FS not running" WideClient log says "connection made okay", port 8002 TCP/IP I'm sure I'm missing something, just dont know what it is.. Thanks...Vince
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