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  1. Gotcha, glad to hear about the derate, foar margins, ones that are accurate for the a/c or the NGX would be great, just to know if a non-derated or lower temp would be better for the runway
  2. Works fine now, thank you very much! Couple quick suggestions: Derated takeoff options(like you've got for the T7). Margin and limit info like TOPCAT. It's really great to see the work you're doing here, TOPCAT is getting more outdated by the day
  3. Any ETA on the fix? Does the same problem exist in the offline software?
  4. Any 737 model, any weight, lbs, I tried it on Firefox and Chrome
  5. I purchased TOPER-WEB and regardless of what I put into takeoff weight, I get a message saying "Takeoff weight seems too low".
  6. I also would like to see derated takeoffs included. It's the one reason I haven't bought this yet.
  7. I'd love to buy a 739 Takeoff Performance calculator, since TOPCAT is being quite sluggish on that.
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