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  1. Hey :D No need for credit, but the name's David Grierson if you feel like it . :) I was reading a site about updating ipaq software roms (the OS, BIOS etc) and it mentioned connecting to the device via some sort of telnet-style software using the com port name for a serial connection, and also mentioned an equivelant port name for USB. It looked pretty much like a standard windows device location and I guessed since USB is essentially a serial bus in nature (it's in the acronym after all) it might just work with GPSOut - and it did! :lol: Sorry about the port typo, was going from memory at the time :P I 've yet to try this with other devices, but the Mio and the ipaq definitely work ok at the moment. With the baud set high enough (PocketFMS supports massively high baud rates, but I've yet to go past 19200) the interval can be set to sub 200ms levels, and the map display becomes pretty smooth. The main problem some software might have is that they dont allow changing of the GPS port on the PDA.
  2. Not sure if anyone's still trying to do this without a serial cable, but I managed to get GPSOut to transmit via the USB connection to my pocket PC. Replace whatever COM4/COM3/etc entry you have next to Ports= in the ini with "\\\WCEUSBSH001", ie, Ports=\\\WCEUSBSH001 Then kill activesync on both the PC and PocketPC, fire up your pocketPC gps software and select COM9/USB as your GPS reciever from within the PocketPC software. Start up FS2004 and hopefully everything should be working together. I've tried this with my medion pda (rebranded Mitac Mio 168) and a friends HP ipaq without problems, and at baud rates up to 19200 (can't remember the specific value but it was close to that) using both the medion navigator (for cars) software and the PocketFMS software. Both worked particularly well. So in a nutshell, without hardware/software mods, hopefully this will allow some of you to use GPSOut with a pocketpc without much extra messing around.
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