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  1. Hi Voler, I have no more problem. Actually I had not problem. I would click hard to open the drive. That was all. Thank you for your attention.
  2. Hi Volker, Thanks for your patience in this matter. As you see in the picture above, the program was normally installed, but I don't know the reason for not giving me access to HD - ©. I do not think that is the windows registry. Seems to be some incompatibility of the FSC with my windows because everything is frozen and I can't access any folder on HD. I think I should have access to other folders on my directory C through FSDbmanager. When I click on the C: \ \ jfassis to go to the FSX, it does not open for me. So I can't proceed.
  3. Hi Volker, "Do you get an error message?". No, I don't get na error message. " Why you want to open any folder? Why are the folder locked?" I don't know the reason for this. "What do you mean by ... but I can't open the the directiories and folders. Everything is locked." It's the problem. If I had access to FSX directory, everything was solved but it is locked. "Have you performed the installation of FSCommander as an administrator?" Yes. "Right mouse click on the installation file and select "Run as administrator"!!!" Yes. "Did you run the Database Manager and worked it flawlessly?" No, because the Database Manager is locked and I can't access the local where is my FSX. I think that is the main problem. "Can you run the FSCommander?" No, because I can not run the Database Manager. When I click in the icon of my HD ©, nothing happens because access is locked. José Assis
  4. Hi Volker, Let's go. I've read all instructions how to installing the program in Windows 7/8 and I have done all things like that; I using: FSX/FS9; FSUIPC 4.90 and 3.90. I don't use WideFS. FS Commander and Database Manager 9.3; Aerosoft download version; My operting System: Windows 7/64. How you can see in the screenshot, the installation seems correct but I can't open the the directiories and folders. Everything is locked. The reason I don't know. Excuse me because i don't know how to send image. I searched but I didn' find how to do. José Assis
  5. Hi Jef, First excuse me for my english because I'm a brazilian. I asked you if you fixed the problem with the FSC9. I have the same problem and I didn't fix yet. José Assis
  6. Hi Jef, I'd know that you have fixed your problem and how because I have the same problem.
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