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  1. My Mistake should have been FSim Commander
  2. Hello Would somebody point me in the right direction as to the correct procudure to unistall FS Commander I'm using Win 7 & FSX Thank you Roy Ps Sorry Typo error
  3. Thank You I'll Have a go at that.
  4. In answer to your question about reading The Red Banner mine has not got a red banner,however in add in lines suggested do I have to type ServerName= and then NameofServer as shown and the same with the Protocol line Protocol=TCP
  5. Hello Am I trying to do something that will not work,or have I got to adjust some of my settings. For many years I have enjoyed my WideFs talking to my other M/c's on XP I have now changed my main Flight Sim M/C to Win-7 which is as far as I know still on the same network,but I am unable to get my WideFs to connect to my Win-7 machine to work in FS2004. Any simple solution would be most welcome but I'm no expert on any of this protocol adjustments and I have to call in a man that does. Regards Roy EGMC
  6. Hello I'm trying to write a flight plan to the ifly B747-400 but I keep getting an "Error in writing Ifly B747plan" anybody and idea what might be causing this. I have FSCommander 8.6 with AIRAC 1008 installed and I am able to send to all the other plan locations. Regards Royann
  7. Hello All At the moment I'm unable to send my flight plans to Radar Contact I'm loading my flight plan ticking all the boxes selecting save as the flight pland loads on the screen but when I try to find it in RC4 I'm unable to locate it,any help would be apreciated.
  8. Hello Simon Thank you very much for your help I did as you instructed and found 14 FSUIPC.dll when i did a search. One of them was dated Wednesday 26th July which was the day I downloaded the Hurricane from Avsim. I followed your instructions and downloaded V3.7 and everything is working a ok if your ever near EGMC I owe you a Pint or Two. Regards Roy EGMC
  9. Thanks Peter I've tried several times your suggesrion but all to no avail,several members of PC Pilots of Ireland & FSUG have talked me through but all has failed. What I can't understand is that FS9 should run without FSUIPC but that message is not lettig it. Regards Roy
  10. Hello Peter I;ve tried as you suggested but it has not worked I'm unable to load FS9 I've tried to send you my log file but I'm afraid I've never done this before and what I tried did'nt work. However what I did omit to tell you was that I downloaded an Aircraft From Avsim tonight before I turned on FS9 the details are Hurricaneiid_install.zip. Is there a help file that shows you how to send an attachment? Regards Roy
  11. Help I've just turned on to fly tonight (last Flight Monday) and I'm now getting an error that say;s Beta Copy Expired 31/07/06,mine is a paid for copy but I'm unable to start flight sim as crashes after I've clicked ok so I can't check my version number. Regards Roy
  12. Hello Pete Thanks for your prompt reply perhaps I've not explained myself properly as I thought that what I was using was an application that needs to talk to FS9 I'm sure iv'e not wasted my money it was on a recomendation from another BAV Pilot that I purchased Wide FS
  13. Hello I'm not sure if this is the right forum for my question but here goes anyway. I've set up Wide FS on my Laptop but it doesn't seem to be conecting to FS9,I fly online with BAV and use their OSP for flight plans,in that OSP you can send flight plans on line to your parent PC where FS9 & FS Nav & FSUPC are all loaded. Iv'e followed the instructions and placed the two relevent files in a dedicated folder called Wide Client and when FS9 is running it connects but i'm unable to send my plans to FS Nav via the modules folder. Have i missed something out.
  14. Thanks Pete When I printed Pdf it missed page 2 now understood and all working Ok, one more thing to do and thats set up Radar Contact V4 Thank you Roy EGMC
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