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  1. After some experimentation with the NetPipes SDK I found it really inconvenient to use. This tests helped me very much to decide... to use FSUIPC! Thanks for your comments.
  2. Hello Peter, I'm totally new to FSUIPC (and to MSFS also), but I need to build a software to get some information and control some properties of the FS externally. So I've been looking for ways to do it. I've found that FSUIPC lets me do everything I need, but I've found also that I can do it with the official NetPipes SDK (or that's what I understood from the documentation, as I did no test yet). So I don't know which one to use... May I ask you to compare them? Would you highlight the points where you think FSUIPC is better? (and the opposite too, if it's not too much to ask :)). Some additional comments: - Which do you think is faster? (the NetPipes SDK uses named-pipes as a medium to exchange information, I don't know if they are fast enough). - I believe that FSUIPC was developed by reverse engineering some MSFS internal structures. While that alone speaks volumes about your capacity, it concerns me about it's safety and/or future compatibility. How trustable is FSUIPC? I know FSUIPC is used by many MSFS addons, so I guess this question answers itself, but anyway I would like to know your toughts. - For this projects I'm interested in FS2004 only, so compatibility with previous versions is not a plus for me. Thanks in advance for any comment.
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