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  1. Pete, You were right about the DirectX. I didn't have the latest version on the client PC. I D/L it last night and everything seems to be OK now. Thanks for the help. Jim
  2. Last week I registered FSUIPC & WideFS. I am having a little difficulty getting the external (FS) programs running on the client PC, and have a few questions. I just flew my first VATSIM VFR flight today, so I am still a little overwhelmed with all the info it took just to get all the software loaded and running to flying online. From what I have read about WideFS this is what I understand: WideFS only runs external programs on the client PC, SBRelay only (for the min. software required for VATSIM without voice). HostSB & SquawkBox has to run on the Server (FS Machine). HostSB has to run on the server because HostSB runs in an FS module and SB runs within HostSB. Is this correct? Do the external programs (such as SBRelay) need to be installed on the Client PC? I did install SBRelay on the client PC. WideFS does start on the client PC just fine and connects to the Server Machine, but when I try to run SBRelay on the client PC, within it (or so I think) WideFS I get the error message "ERROR creating 2004 DirectPlay object" The only other programs I intend to run on the client PC I think, is AVC and maybe the "moving maps" program (I heard about, haven't found it or D/L'd it yet). Is my problem just a matter of tweaking settings in .INI files to get WideFS to run external programs or did I install something wrong? If any of my questions have been already asked and answered before, please someone point me to those threads. I would hate to have someone spend a bunch of time answering any redundant questions. thanks, Jim Bailey AAV485
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