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  1. Ah, I see now. Assuming 25KHz spacing, the frequency's 2nd decimal place digit determines what the 3rd decimal place digit HAS to be -- clever! Thanks, Al
  2. Hi John, no problem, I appreciate all the hard work on FSUIPC7! I've tried those COM1/2 Radio Set events without any luck so far. BTW, is there any difference from a Simconnect or sim point of view between using an offset for COM STBY RADIO SET like ipc.writeUD(0x05CC, 123455000), and using a control event like ipc.control( 66371, 123455000) , or are these two instructions processed identically by the 'system'? Thanks, Al
  3. In that case I don't see how you can specify a 25 Khz spaced com freq like 123.475. For 25KHz spacing the 6th digit can either be 0 or 5 unless I'm not understanding something (00, 25, 50, or 75 for the last two digits). Seems you need to specify 6 digits total for 25Khz spacing. Al
  4. John, I assume the COM_RADIO_SET 5 BCD digits for 25KHz spacing will not include the frequency's leading 1 digit (so the same idea as currently for the 4 BCD digit NAV frequency case) -- correct? Thx, Al
  5. I see, thanks for letting Asobo know. Sure hope they fix this soon. Al
  6. Hi Thomas, I'm aware that many controls are not working. I just wanted to verify the control numbers had not changed so if a control doesn't work I know it is likely a Simconnect/MSFS issue and not a control number issue. Thanks for the response, Al
  7. Hi John, Are the FSUIPC7 control codes for use with ipc.contol() the same as listed for FSUIPC6? I do realize not all may be working in FSUIPC7. EDIT: OK, I tried a couple of the control codes and they seem to work so I'll assume the FSUIPC6 listing is the same for FSUIPC7. Thanks, Al
  8. I temporarily modified one of my Lua scripts to avoid using the Numpad keys and also a few of the special keys directly above the Numpad, and the script works as expected by correctly calling functions based on the ipcPARAM values associated with particular keys. So I expect all my other scripts that use ipcPARAM will work once FSUIPC7 is updated. Thanks for figuring out the Numpad keys input problem, Al
  9. Yes, saw my mistakes just before your post came in. I tried ipc.writeUD(0x05CC, 123245000) for standby COM1 with the C152 in MSFS but it didn't work -- Simconnect or MSFS bug I assume. Thanks, Al
  10. Yes, the newest spacing is 8.33KHz and is mainly used in Europe. I see in FSUIPC6 for P3D4/5 there are now offsets 0C54 to 0CD0 for COMS 1/2 which are simply described as 32 bit integers. So maybe for a frequency like 123.245 MHz you can simply write the six digit number without the decimal point. I will experiment with that. In the past I have used offsets like 034E which apparently will only accept 4 digits in BCD format. Thx, Al
  11. Are than any plans for FSUIPC7 to support the 25KHz Com spacing that many of the planes in MSFS2020 use? Thanks, Al
  12. Ok, I understand, sorry. All above is correct. Had just wanted to point out that if I understand the log file correctly the letter keys seem to be triggering the Lua script although not programmed to do so in the FSUIPC7 ini file.
  13. John, Thank you -- very much appreciated! Note I updated my last post above in case you didn't see the update. Al
  14. John, Thanks for checking that -- explains a lot! Note that FSUIPC7 does see the Numpad key inputs at least when the Key Presses tab is used to program those keys in FSUIPC7. The other strange thing is that the letter keys a, b, c, d ......i are triggering the one line logging lua script showing ipcPARAM values 1 to 9 respectively even though those keys are NOT programmed in FSUIPC7. The FSUIPC7.ini file is still just: [Keys] 485=N96,8,L102:R,0 -{Num0: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 487=N110,8,L102:R,10 -{Num.: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 488=N97,8,L102:R,1 -{Num1: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 489=N98,8,L102:R,2 -{Num2: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 492=N99,8,L102:R,3 -{Num3: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 493=N100,8,L102:R,4 -{Num4: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 496=N101,8,L102:R,5 -{Num5: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 498=N102,8,L102:R,6 -{Num6: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 500=N103,8,L102:R,7 -{Num7: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 502=N104,8,L102:R,8 -{Num8: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- 504=N105,8,L102:R,9 -{Num9: Press=Lua FSUIPC7ParamTest }- Attached is the log file for inputs a,b,c,d,e. Al FSUIPC7.log
  15. Here is the log file for the input sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Al FSUIPC7.log
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