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  1. Ok, sorry for wasting your time then, I guess i should ahve thought it out better before i posted.
  2. Mr. Dowson, I was wondering if there was any chance at all of a freeware app to fix the throttles on the MS sidewinder joysticks. The issue is that the throttles only read from 1-99% in FS, which causes issues in ground handling(many AC shake badly) and effects that should trigger not doing so. I know this is Fixable with FSUIPC, but having to pay $25 to fix the stick is irritating. Would it be possible to take just that part of the controls section and make it accessable in the unregistered FSUPIC? thanks, David Swindle
  3. First, I want to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Dowson for his countless hours of work to produce his excellent modules. I was wondering how we will go about paying for FSUIPC\Wideclient once they go commercial? Will it be a system of pay and get a code (a la LAGO) or will it use paypal? I am asking because I find paypal very hard to use (stupid thing triple billed my cc :x )and it is also quite akward to use as It is impossible to have multilpe accounts on the same CC thanks for all your hard work, David Swindle
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