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  1. I've been running fsc on a networked pc for a few years. I recently upgraded my fsx box and now i can run all of my associated programs, fsc and active sky on the fsx box. I run the fsc moving map on a second monitor and when switching to full screen mode, the second monitor running the moving map goes blank. Both monitors run at max resolution,#1a dell 30" and the #2 (for fsc) a dell 20". Any ideas how i can correct this problem? Thanks, Alex
  2. When trying to set up a flight from KJFK to LSGG, I downloaded and saved the current nat tracksThe problem is i get an error stating (no fix found within 300 nm of the last waypoint) and fsc will not complete the plan.All of the tracks end at the same point. Even the closest entry point is more than 300nm away.Any way around this problem? Alex / FSC 8.6 System Specs: Mainboard-EVGA x58 3x SLI Graphics-GeForce GTX 285 OCFU CPU-Intel i7 950 3.07ghz (oc-4.0ghz) MEM-OCZ DDR3(6GB) OS-Windows 7 Pro x64 FS-FSX SP2 Activesky Evolution Ground Environment X Ultimate Terrain X Europe Mytraffic X Lite Radar Contact 4.3
  3. I think all of the commands may not be the same ie the wilco products. Thanks.
  4. I would like to setup disconnects for the auto pilot and auto throttle on my Saitek Pro Yoke through my payware version of fsuipc 4 that would work for my entire fleet, PMDG 744,MD11-LDS 767-Wilco 737 and Airbus series vol 1. Is this possible?
  5. All's fine now, reinstalled FSC and problem solved. Thanks Alex
  6. I just competed an install of vista64 on my networked pc connected to my fsx machine.I installed fsc 8.6 as described here in the forum on the networked pc and launched the program also as described here but I keep getting the same error message whenever I launch the DBM that says (component THREED32.OCX or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid). Any help would be appreciated! Alex
  7. I recently started using radar contact 4.3 for fsx. I disabled the atc functions in fsx per the r/c instructions but i'm starting to get random crashes caused by an atc.dll error. I read in another forum that the fsx atc can be disabled in fsuipc and that would clear up this problem.I couldn't find this option in the fsuipc config. I'm running the payware version of fsuipc 4.57 and wide fs. Could really use some help!
  8. Figured out the problem. I simply reloaded the upgrade files and all is fine. Thanks
  9. I just upgraded to version 8.6 and for some reason I'm having trouble printing any flightplan I create. It's odd because I can bring up the help file from the FSC menu and print a page from it but when I try to print the flightplan I get (printer not ready)message and when I click ok, the printer prints one half of the first page of the plan.I tested the printer on other documents and had no problems. The printer is connected locally and shared over my network. Any Ideas as to what could be the problem?
  10. I just switched to Win 7x64 and I'm having trouble updating the dbmanager located on a network pc running XP. I've got the shares and permissions set correctly on the win 7 machine and was able set the correct network path to fsx in the dbm. I also placed a copy of the fscfsxcfg file in the main fsx folder on the win 7 machine. The dbm indicates the fsx path is correct but doesn't see the fscfsxcfg file.I've deleted and recopied the file several time but still can't update. Alex FSX SP2 Registered Copy of FSUIPC 4/Widefs 7 Simmarket Download of FSC 8.5 Windows 7x64
  11. Thank You. Will give it a try. Merry Christmas To You.
  12. I can't seem to get the nat tracks inserted into my flight plans.I read the section in the manual on how to insert them and it also states the waypoints could be inserted automatically before and after the tracks but I have not been able to accomplish this as well.I use FSC for all of my flight planning except atlantic and pacific crossings because of this.Is there a tutorial on how to accomplish this? This is very frustrating andI appreciate any help I can get. Alex
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