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  1. Gentlemen, Just to close the books on this matter -- Kyle Rodgers over at the PMDG forum immediately spotted my problem -- namely my own failure to read the 777 manual carefully enough. It turns out that the 777 gives the pilot the option of stowing the yoke by pressing down on the top, which I seem to have done inadvertently. That meant that the yoke on the screen wasn't responding to any movements of my physical yoke/joystick, even though the elevators and ailerons were moving, which I didn't notice because I never looked outside. Thanks again to you both for your suggestions, which I will apply as soon as my head stops hurting from the smack I gave it when I finally discovered the problem ... Don
  2. Dear Mr. Dowson, At the risk of revealing too much about the sad state of my aging brain, I’m wondering whether you could clarify a point regarding Peter Hayes’ appendix on axis assignment in FSUIPC4 (pp. 55 and following in the FSUIPC4 guide). Mr. Hayes identifies four options for USB controllers: ( a ) rely on the software included with the controller; ( b ) rely on FSX only, using Windows’ own calibration routine; ( c ) use FSUIPC4 only to assign and calibrate axes; and ( d ) any mix of the above. He then proceeds to explain option ( c ) in detail. My question is whether option ( d ) is indeed feasible, and if so, how. As I read this option, the instruction to UNTICK “Enable Controllers” in FSX seems to be an essential part of this approach. If so, I’m not quite sure how one can then mix elements of ( a ) or ( b ). My reason for asking is that I face a dilemma: I have followed option ( c ), and in all respects except one, am very happy with it. The one exception is that this setup seems to leave my yoke (CH FlightSim) completely dead when I open the PDMG 777 (though it works fine with the 777NGX). Indeed, the only way I’ve found to operate the PDMG 777 is to temporarily uninstall FSUIPC4 by moving the DLL file. That immediately wakens the yoke (after re-ticking “Enable Controllers.”) However, this approach seems pretty inelegant, and is certainly annoying. As you probably already know, the instructions for the PDMG 777 state that the program is fully compatible with FSUIPC except that one should not calibrate one’s flight controllers through FSUIPC. That exception is what got me thinking about the Appendix mentioned above – specifically the “any mix” option. At this point, you may have concluded that I’m barking up the wrong tree entirely. If so, I wonder if you could point me in the right direction – one that would allow me to fly the PDMG 777 without having first to mess with my FSUIPC files every single time. Many thanks in advance, Don Sillers
  3. Great -- thanks a million for your quick response! I'll chase down those "threads and recommendations."
  4. Dear Mr. Dowson, Having paid for my copy of FSUIPC and spent some time following the instructions in Peter Hayes' "axis assignment" appendix in the User Guide, I was really pleased by the improved performance of my CH Flight Sim Yoke in controlling my planes in FSX -- thus far, I've got one general profile to cover all planes, though of course I will customize further. The one exception to this happy outcome is with the PMDG 737NGX, where the settings that work well elsewhere don't seem to carry over. Rather than put in a lot of time and effort trying to make FSUIPC and the 737NGX work together, is it possible to simply exclude that one plane from the general application of my profile? That would seem to be the best of both worlds. BTW Having followed Peter Hayes' instructions, I started by unticking "Enable Controllers" on the FSX Controls page. But I'm wondering whether that was the right path to follow -- his appendix starts by saying that one can use "any mix" of using the control/configuration software supplied by [CH Products] and FSUIPC4. Can you point me to advice on how to/whether to implement such a mixture? Many thanks, dsillers
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