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  1. Hi Volker, I probably did not explain it very well, but I don't think that is the point. What I see is that for example the selected STAR BERM1B for LICR is not correctly integrated in the flightplan. In the selection phase in ends (correctly) at NDB RCA and after integration in the flighjtplan it ends (wrongly) at VOR RCA, see added pictures. See you, Jan
  2. Volker, Thanks for your reply. I upgraded by now to FSC 9.6 rev 7, but the problem still persist. Examples of flightplans I have problems with are : LOWI UNKE1J TRAU1R SBG LOWS LICC INDAX BERM1B L LICR Details are in the added pictures Striking is that, If you select the ILS 15 SBG transition for the LOWS approach, or the BERM1B STAR for the LICR approach in the 'Select SID/STAR/Transition' window, the route shows OK. But as soon as you add it to the flightplan, it goes wrong. See you, Jan
  3. Volker, May be this has been dicussed before, but I could not find anything Example 1 : Approaching Salzburg (LOWS) All STARSs end at VOR SBG. I then want to use the transition 'ILS15 SBG'. If I select this one it shows a route via NDB SBG to OES80 etc. After adding to my plan it goes (incorrectly) directly from VOR SBG to OES80. Example 2 : approaching Reggio Calabria (LICR) The ...1A STARs end at VOR RCA, the ...1B STARs end at NDB RCA. If I select for example STAR BERM1B it end at NDB RCA. After adding to plan it ends (incorrectly) at VOR RCA I am using FSC 9.6 rev 4 with Navdatapro cycle 1703 on a a PC with W10 64bit See you, Jan
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