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  1. Good evening: I have (had) in mi computer FSX, Prepar3D and X-P 10 with Windows-8.1. I have recently changed from Windows-8.1 to Windows-10. First surprise, FSX doesn`t work with W-10. Some most wise (I'm not) are strugling with W-10 to make FSX working acceptably. Secondly, I have looked Prepar3d v3 that I don't like too much, but... It works OK with W-10. I try to install FSUIPC to customize the keys so as I use in X.Plane 10. But the momento I install FSUIPC 4 and try to start. I get after 5 minutes turning and turning the ring the message: "The program stopped working correctloy because of a problem. Windows will close the programa and will notify to you if a solution exists.". Finally I have deleted the content of the folder Modules ( result of loading FSUIPC) and everything works fine. So I will fly without FSUIPC. Some help? Thanks.
  2. Every Airbus has three bottons SPD, HDG and ALT that can be activated /deactivated through the mouse. I have searched in FSUIPC trying to find the item matching these bottons in order to assign a key to it, but I haven't find it at all. Does it exist or no? Thank you.
  3. Good evening. After a disaster I should reinstall FSX and then reinstall also FSUIPC. . I don't know what I could make, but when starting FSX it appears a black screen, with the name "FSUIPC console" and acts like a log. I would like to make it disappear. How can it be make? Surely loading FSUIPC again it would disappear or is there a better way ? Thanks.
  4. Just two words. The LUAs files are present and seen in the folder Modules near FSUIPC Documents . Where they aren't present is on the list of options of FSUIPC. But let's go the thing. It's only an amusement. Bye.
  5. 1) FUIPC4 works fine save for this matter of the LUAs. 2) Having made visible every file and folder, none of the mentioned files FSUIPC4 .INI, ....KEY etc appears. 3) I give up. Bye.
  6. The route where I have it all is as follows: C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\....Modules\FSUIPC4 Documents
  7. More about it. I have found a folder with "Installing FSUIPC4" also FSUIPC4.DLL and other two files zipped. I unzipped all, then I have copied the...DLL to the folder of Modules. Then I have tried to execute this "Installing FSUIPC4". After several lines indicating very quickly "It's not here..-" It's not there" a screen appears saying: "Although FSUIPC4 is installed, your registry is pointing to the wrong place for this Unknown installation. Now we know where it should be put, this problem can be corrected quite easily. Would you like this done for you now? Yes, No". I answer "YES". Then appears: "Problem: cannot place FSUIPC4.DLL into the FS module folder. The error reported by Windows is: The system cannot find the specified route". And it is all. Thanks. My name really isn't Baldomero, but Alberto Moreno Gil.
  8. Thanks for your answer. In the folder Modules I have just appart from the files of Numpad Control a subfolder FSUIPC Documents with the content you have mentioned. I haven't the others files: FSUIPC4.DLL, FSUIPC4.KEY, FSUIPC4.INI nor FSUIPC4.LOG nor here nor in any place in the computer. I bought FSUIPC in 08/29/2013 and have the invoice in front of me, No. 1038593. I have reinstalled FSUIPC4 recently entering the twelve letters - keys and have got the "OK Thanks for registering". What can I do? I am very happy with FSUIPC4, just have encountered this problem. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. After having downloaded the program (NpC, Numberpad Control) and put its different LUAs (about 10) in the folder FSX... Modules, near the files of FSUIPC, as is advised in the instructions, I start FSX, go to FSUIPC (on the upper line) , open it and go to KeyPresses in order to enter a key that sould start the program. But in the list of "Control sent when the key is pressed" don't appear none of the LUAs stored in the folder. A registered version of FSUIPC is necessary in order to a proper function of the program NpC, so is mine, but no LUA appears on the list. Can be a solution for this matter? Thank you and excuse my bad English.I live in Castilla - La Mancha (Spain) where Don Quijote was written, but not Richard III, nor even Macbeth, ha. Thanks, again.
  10. I haved downloaded recently the NpC (Numpad Control) application that has 12 LUAs. Its instalation appears very easy. Unzip a file putting its content in the folder "Modules" near the files of FSUIPC. Then, start FSX going to FSUIPC and entering a letter in order to activate de LUA number... that should appear on the displayed window. But... none LUA appears in the list. I have read different comments in this forum and I must to say: my copy of FSUIPC is registered; I don't have nor FSUIPC.INI (my FSUIPC works perfectly) nor I have filename.lua nor mapmad.lua. None of these file were in the zip file. What can I do? Many thanks.
  11. When doing an arc one must use many times the knobs so in HSI as in VOR. My interest is getting a key whose function should be "Increase the knob in HSI one degree" and other key whose function should be "Increase the knob of VOR2 one degree". I have a joystick with 11 functions and I just use of them two: throttle and brakes. So in keyboard and in the joystick there is place for everything. Surely among the possibilities of FSUIPC is to make what I'm looking for. Isn't it? Thanks.
  12. I thank you both, Ian and Andydigital for your help. Finally it works OK, not according to the book but works. "Desperado" for not getting to nowhere I gave up and put to search for another solution. I found "Checklist Manager (sponsored)". What has meant a quantity of adds and garbage into the PC that I couldn't manage. I had no other way that restore the PC to the date of yesterday. I forgot any idea of having a cheklist manager that workes. Basically I prefer the navigation than to "drive" a plane, so it is not so great a drama. Once restored the PC and clean of garbage I try once more to get Ultimate checklist / FSUIPC working. And it went / goes OK !!!. In a way somewhat funny, but it's the same, it works. Order 1 (Show / Hide), OK. Order 2 (move to next step) doesn't work. Order 3, moves to the next sub-procedure, Again to order 2, and the got step is shown. Again to order 3, and the following step is shown. Must be 3-2-3, since 3 and again 3 doesn't move forward. The PC doesn't hang. This night I'll sleep lucky. Thank you for your moral, I repeat. Otherwise I wouldn't try more.
  13. Thank you, Ian, for your help, but...It keeps being the same. Firstly I put 1, 2, 3 as keys, then a changed to letters Q, K, R and finally followed your advise and entered shift+1, shift+2, shift+3. Always I get the same: First order, Show / Hide, OK. Seconde order, doesn't advance. Third order, sometimes advances one step and if I try again hangs the PC or directly hangs the PC. I am just an economist and the interior of this program excedes largely my knowledge, so only can ask. Thank you. I get now your answer, Andydigital. I will try and contact with the developer. Thanks. Sorry for the "tray" instead of "try".
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