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  1. Dennis be aware!!!!!!! I lost all my settings when i 'upgraded' from 9.51 to 9.6. I am on that sh**** Aerosoft version.
  2. Hi, I bought FS Command already a long time ago in a boxed version. I was only able to update to the new version of FS Commander 9 via Aerosoft. Now with the new 9.6 i have to uninstall all of the 9.5 version and lost all my setting i made previously only then i am able to upgrade, i spend hours of tweaking on it and i all lost it! Why are there so many different versions and why can i not just use the same file as other users(who apperently bought ther version here) do? Peter
  3. Hi Sascha, That makes sence. Thanks i wait another day ;-) Cheers, Peter
  4. Hi, Eager to update to the new version of Flight Sim Commander i'll immediatly ran to SimMarket. That's that a big disappointment to read that you are only entitled for a 'nice price' update if you are allready a customer of SimMarket. Not a problem, direct to Aerosoft to get my update there because i bought Flight Sim Commander via them. Eh, the update will be there on 22 november 2010 and only for the full price..... Perhaps Volker or Sascha can and will tell us (the Aerosoft users) how to handle this.. Thanks in Advance, Peter Faase EHMZ
  5. Yes i agree on this point. I have the same problem. And FSC is running on my second screen. Also it is not that bad but if it could change it would be a plus. Thanks in advance, Cheers, Peter
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