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  1. delta1071

    P3D v3 (answered & solved)

    Hi Volker, I mistakenly stated that I was having the save issues in WIN10. Actually, the issues are occurring in my WIN8.1 OS. FSC works fine in my WIN10 OS. Sorry for the confusion. Also, I didn't mean to imply that my save issues were caused by problems in FSC. I understand that my system configuration is preventing FSC from accessing the necessary folders. My apologies. delta1071
  2. delta1071

    P3D v3 (answered & solved)

    When it worked properly, FSC was my go-to flight planner. Now that it's not possible to save my plans, I guess it's time to start looking for a planner that can work with Win 10 without these permissions and folder location issues. Too bad... delta1071
  3. delta1071

    P3D v3 (answered & solved)

    Thanks, Volker. Does anyone have any ideas for enabling write permission on these folders? According to the folder properties, everyone using this computer has full control, and I would rather not mess with the root drive permissions. Would installing P3d on the root of C: (i.e. C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v3) give FSC access to the appropriate folders? delta1071
  4. delta1071

    P3D v3 (answered & solved)

    Starting FSC as admin and with the "2" parameter does not work either. I uninstalled/re-installed FSC to C:\, ran the Oct.5,2015 updated DbManager,and made sure my P3d FP folder location is correct (C:\), but I keep getting the same error messages. delta1071
  5. delta1071

    P3D v3 (answered & solved)

    mopperle, Running as administrator does not work. The desktop shortcut I'm using to start FSC does not have any parameters after ~\FSC9.exe. I used to use "1" and "2" when I wanted to load different versions of FSC, but I'm not doing that now. I have attached images of the error messages and my Paths dialogue. delta1071
  6. delta1071

    P3D v3 (answered & solved)

    Thanks for replying, mopperle. After changing the P3d FP folder location in FSC9 to the path you suggested and then trying to save a plan, I get the same error. Also, I forgot to mention that I had already placed copies of my Prepar3d v3 Files folder in the C:\Users\Steve\Documents and the C:\Program Files locations and then changed the path in FSC9, (I actually tried moving the FP folder to my 2nd local HDD with no success), but no matter which location I use, the FP can't be saved. I have looked at the permissions for the Lockheed Martin, Program Files (x86), and Program Files folders and it appears that I have write permission to these folders. delta1071
  7. delta1071

    P3D v3 (answered & solved)

    Hi Volker, I can't get FSC9.6 (purchased v9.4 from simMarket and updated to 9.6) to save a flightplan to my Prepar3d v3 Files folder. I'm using Prepar3d v3. FSUIPC v.4.947c FSC v.9.6 Jan. 2015 build. FSC Db Manager File v. Product v.9.06.0001 AIRAC Cycle 1511 provided by Navigraph FSC v.9.4 purchased from simMarket and updated to 9.6. OS is Windows 8.1 updated to v 6.3 build 9600. FSC is installed in C:\Program Files\FSC9 Prepar3d v3 is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v3. The FLIGHTPLAN section of my FSC.ini file is: [FLIGHTPLAN] SECLEN=35 SECWIDTH=20 FAFDIST=8.5 FPSEL=6211 FPPATH09= FPPATH10= FPPATH11=C:\Program Files\Prepar3D v3 Files FSCPLANPATH=C:\FSC9\Flightplan\FSC SQUAWKBOXPATH=C:\FSC9\flightplan\SquawkBox IVAOPATH= IVAOPATH2= FSINNPATH=C:\FSC9\flightplan\FSInn RADCONPATH=C:\FSC9\flightplan\RC PROMAGPATH=C:\FSC9\flightplan\PM XPLANEPATH=C:\FSC9\flightplan\XPlane GEARTHPATH= TSPATH=C:\ ASAXE1PATH=C:\FSC9\flightplan\AXE FSGRWPATH= Thanks for your help. delta1071
  8. delta1071

    P3D v3 (answered & solved)

    I deleted the content of this post because I could not see how to delete it entirely. delta1071
  9. delta1071

    RealCRT and FSC 9.6 (solved by user)

    Update: I've discovered that the Nav Data program that comes with RealCRT is used to create compatible flight plans. Problem solved.
  10. Hi, I'm using FS9 and FS Commander 9.6. I have added Tony D'Ambrosio's excellent RealCRT gauges to the default 747 and 777. The gauge is able to use both FS and non-FS flight plans. However, when a FS flight plan is loaded, the gauge does not display all the data it is designed to display because FS flight plans do not include any aircraft performance data. Is there a way to add RealCRT (or, for that matter, any other addon) to FS Commander's save locations so that a more detailed flight plan can be used? Thanks for any help provided. Steve delta1071
  11. I apologize if this question has already been answered (I couldn't find one via forum search). I've uninstalled FS9 using the "uninstall" option on CD1. When I reinstall FS9 (or FSX, for that matter), do I need to reinstall my addon texture programs (Fscene, FSGenesis, etc.)?

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