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  1. Pete, thanks for directing me to the updates. I haven't done my research thoroughly enough. I'll give it a try and hope for the best. Thanks Christian
  2. Hi Pete and Günter, I just came across your thread as I did a search for the 0xC000014B error on the net. I encounter this error with EFB from AivlaSoft (like you did, Günter) and together with Urs from AivlaSoft we are looking for a solution. Needless to mention that I run a registered copy of FSUIPC too, right? I don't use VRInsight and I am not expert enough to be able to understand everything of what you tried to solve the problem. But I saw light at the horizon when I saw you developed a hotfix beta version 4.609... Unfortunately I was not able to download that version from this thread. Could you provide me with that version? Perhaps it solves my 0xC000014B errors too...! Thanks a lot. Christian
  3. Sascha and Volker, thank you so much for your appreciated and helpful input. Although I read it in the manual I perhaps misinterpreted thie information given there. Yet I now fully understand the logic behind FSX autopilot working with FSC and FMC's of addon aircrafts working with FSC. I somehow managed it now - even the chime sounds and the waypoint table is being filled with data concerning ATA, GS, Altitude and Fuel. Seems I have been a fool when programming my FMC yesterday. Perhaps I left something out that screw up the process. All FSC data are being processed perfectly now in PMDG FMC and I'm happy. Thanks again for getting me back on track. Cheers Christian
  4. Hello Volker, thanks for your statements. Only to have it clear: I'm not talking of FSX standard autopilot. I imported my FSC flightplan into the FMC of my PMDG 747X. Shouldn't there be vertical guidance computed by the FMC involving all FSC flight data? (At least there is when entering the route manually...) Or what is it good for to import a *.rte file into the PMDG's FMC if it could only be followed laterally by the autopilot? Hmmm, concerning the automatic switching of a waypoint and the chime: there were no problematic angles in my route with angles to narrow or speeds to high. I don't think that this was a reason... But I'll check it with a route straight ahead... Christian
  5. Hello, I run FS Commander 8.4 under Vista (64 bit) with FSX (AccPack). Yesterday I generated a flight plan in FSC and saved it as FSX standard *.pln file as well as PMDG's *.rte file. Afterwards I started FSX, boarded my PMDG 747X and imported the flight plan into the FMC via "Co route". Lateral navigation was running ok but no vertical data were transferred into the FMC. My flight plan sent me to the destination with 0.8 mach and FL310 above the arrival runway. What did I do wrong to achieve a fully FMC computement of my FSC plan? And btw: in FSC (running on a second monitor) the moving map display (aircraft on route line) was acting correctly but the legs (box at the top of the FSC window) did not follow the real aircraft (i.e. the passed legs were not populated with data like ATA, fuel etc. and there was no FSC chime sound when having passed the next waypoint). Thanks so much for a hint how I could do a correct flight planning the next time. Christian
  6. Good to see it's on your ToDo list... Whatever caused this backstep - it's very annoying because nearly half of the bar at the bottom of the page is cut off. I hope this will be fixed timely. Nevertheless thumbs up for your good work. Best wishes for 2009!!! Christian
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