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  1. John, Is there an easy parameter to change that will allow me to undock MSFS from the FSUIPC.exe? I prefer to start FSUIPC independently from MSFS.
  2. Well, I think I figured it out, although I can't explain it. I had been running the .exe (right click run as Administrator) on the install. For some reason it was creating a phantom .ini and log on my desktop instead of in my FSUIPC7 folder. I tried just clicking on the .exe and everything was placed where it was supposed to. MSFS is connected and everything is working. MUCH appreciate your willingness to hang with me on this. I'm a long-time licensed user of FSUIPC and I look forward to purchasing FSUIPC7! Update - The issue was copying the original .exe from my installation folder to
  3. John and Thomas. That's my point. When I run the .exe out of my H: FSUIPC7 folder, the .ini and .log files went to my desktop. I didn't direct it there. Before, my .ini and log files were placed in my application folder (FSUIPC) that I created after running the .exe. I'll go through your instructions about uninstalling again Thomas. I"ve been through this process multiple times now. Thanks for responding. Right now, I"m at a loss after using FSUIP7 successfully since MSFS release. And, Thomas, that IS my process. I unzip to a working folder, run the .exe from there and direct it to m
  4. No change. Same MSFS screen after alt f as shown above. No axis assignment option. I had everything working with the earlier FSUIPC7.exe. Not sure what else to do.
  5. One other wierd thing that's happening (current build) is that when I run the FSUIPC .exe, the .ini file and log go to my desktop - NOT the FSUIPC directory where I directed the install. Any ideas as to why that's happening? FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.log
  6. Will do John. I've done that all three attempts. Ran the uninstaller, made sure that Windows had also removed from programs so the registry was cleaned up. Will try again.
  7. Thomas, that's exactly what I've done several times now. Still not working.
  8. Hmmmm. I've done that three times now. When the key screen comes up, I have skipped, tried on one install to continue with the pre-populated info, etc. I even tried on one of the installs to put my license info from FSUIPC6 purchase in there off of SIMMarket. Maybe I'm accessing the wrong link for the latest install. Would you be so kind as to direct me to the correct download link?
  9. Nope. Not the case. I uninstalled and re-installed, key file is there and still no axis assignments in the opening MSFS UI. InstallFSUIPC7.log
  10. The latest installer still shows 10/31 and I can no longer see assignments in the UI. I show connected to the sim, but no assignments tab as shown in the attached.
  11. Just had issue where I was able to see the axis' connected under axis, but when trying to go to Joystick calibration, the axis didn't seem to be connected. Log attached. FSUIPC7.log PFCcom64.log PFChid64.log
  12. John, Not sure on PFCcom and PFCHid comment above. I don't seem to have the disconnect issue with the throttle.....only the Redbird Yoke and Rudder pedals disconnecting. I'm a registered user of FSUIPC and when trying to configure PFC throttle quadrant in P3D, Pete advised me to have both in my FSUIPC Modules folder. I just assumed the same applied here.
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