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  1. Hi Pete. I'm seeing conflicting messages. Is PFChid64.dll available now and if so, can you reply with the link for me to get it? I have paid for the licensed version of FSUIPC5 but can't seem to find a definitive word on whether or not the file is available.
  2. Pete, I just purchased FSUIPC5 and installed correctly for P3D v4. However, I'll have to wait on PFChid.dll and .ini for my Precision Flight Control Throttle Quadrant to work. I'll just keep checking back here to see when it's available. I'm assuming it will just be an update to my installation?
  3. Pete, I'll just wait until PFCHID.DLL is ready for FSUIPC5. Is there a sub-forum or specific section I should monitor to see when it's ready? Again, REALLY appreciate your willingness to work on this so quickly post P3D v4 release.
  4. Pete, thanks much for your help on this. Yes, I guess once you're satisfied with FSUIPC5, I'll need the PFC.dll too. Paul
  5. I would like to add my ask too Pete for a new version of FSUIPC that will work in P3D v4. My Precision Flight Control Throttle Quadrant won't work without it.... :-)
  6. Yes, thanks Pete. They have determined the rudder control is "fried". They are sending me a new one. I have disabled the axis for now. Everything else is working correctly now. One other note, I had a modules folder installed in the Lockheed Martin directory in addition to the one within the P3D folder. Your install of 4.958 installed correctly within the P3D directory. I'm not sure when the other modules folder (outside the P3D but within the Lockheed Martin folder) was created. I deleted that one and everything seems to be working OK. Thanks again for your help!
  7. OH, and one other thing. I removed the PFC.dll from the modules directory and replaced with the PFCFSX.dll too.
  8. Sorry Pete. Here's what I installed. FSUIPC4.DLL version 4.946 Also, my PFC quadrant is USB. All the other functions are configurable with FSUIPC, but FSUIPC does not recognize the rudder trim axis when I try to configure. I don't believe it's the rheostat for the rudder trim, but I suppose it could be. I just uninstalled all the PFC utilities after defining the rudder trim "not present". I guess I'm giving up. The rudder trim on the PFC throttle quadrant console worked perfectly before .... I'm sure I've messed something up but don't know what else to do.
  9. I just installed the latest version of Prepar3D (v3.4...) and the latest version of FSUIPC. My PFC throttle quadrant is no longer working. I confirmed I have the PFC.dll file installed in the P3D modules folder along with the latest FSUIPC.dll. I can't get FSUIPC (while in P3D application) to recognize the axis' for the PFC throttle quadrant. Anyone have the same issue or is there a new PFC.dll to go along with the new versions of FSUIPC and P3D? Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, 32G DDR4 memory, EVGA GTX 1080, 1000W Corsair Power Supply, etc.
  10. Is there a new patch to My Traffic 6.0? I don't see anything posted in this thread since 2015.
  11. Pete, Do I need to buy another instance of FSUIPC for P3D even though I already did for FSX? No worries if so.....I just wanted to see if I could just run the config again for P3D.
  12. Ah....thanks Pete. I think it's for the noise filter on the prop calibration. I was having some jitter on the control and the filter seemed to eliminate it. Thanks MUCH!!
  13. Thanks for the response Reinhard. The sim is FSX, airplane is Carenado King Air C90B. I managed to delete all of the axis information, start over, with first assigning the axis for the prop 1 and prop 2, and then calibrating in direct mode all with the FSUIPC 4.9 utility. I got if resolved late last night with the settings below from my FSUIPC.ini. I'm not sure what the /8 signifies however.... PropPitch1=-16384,-129,512,16383/8 PropPitch2=-16384,512,903,16383/8
  14. Can someone help me with the correct settings in FSUIPC4 for feathering the propellers using the PFC Flight Contol Quadrant? I cannot get the joystick calibration function within the FSUIPC utility to work properly that will enable feather. Here are my current settings: PropPitch1=-16384,-8127,512,16383 PropPitch2=-16384,-8127,512,16383
  15. Pete, first of all .... I've been a registered FSUIPC user for years and didn't know what I had. My Sincere Compliments! I have purchased a PFC Throttle Console and TurboProp throttle. I see you recommended above that we use the PFC calibration as part of the driver to calibrate instead of FSUIPC? When I select the PFC utility in the Add On tab in FSX, all I see is text identifying the driver in use. If FSUIPC is not recommended to use with the PFC throttle calibration, where do I find the PFC utility. I am, by the way, using the rudder trip direct calibration through FSUIPC and it's working correctly. Right now, I can't get the throttles to idle like the other person posting on this topic.
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