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  1. Thanx again Pete, for your terriffic support! Just ordered 20 switches and leds for my panel, going to start from the bottom up, so it will be some time before I reach the Announciator panel :) Going to try and learn the ropes, regarding FSInterrogator as well, until then. All the best to You Pete, until I get stuck oblivious somewhere again and return here ;)
  2. ok, let me a bit more precise. My first shot at building a panel is going to be a cessna 172, and it has that little ann-panel, that says, Volts, fuel pressure, and so on. The little "red" one. It's those values I'm talking about :) Something makes those lights go off in the software panel... so i thought it should be possible to echo that to my hardware panel. Perhaps it cannot be done so easilly as I was hoping. Forgive me if it's hard to understand what I mean, I'm not a native English speaker.
  3. Thank You! I meant the offsets! :) I have just bought a master io card from opencockpits.com, and the software wants me to specify the offsets for my switches and leds. I'll download the SDK , to get the list. Perhaps You can tell me, I'm planning on building an annunciator panel also, is it possible to get this info from fs using FSUIPC offsets? best regards,
  4. Hello! I'm trying to find a complete list of FSUIPC's variables for input/output, i need it to make my IO-card handle buttons and lights. Is there a list somewhere of the hexcodes for the fs9 events that fsuipc can interface? i.e. what code is it for making left hydraulic pressure light alarm light up, et.c. anyone know where i can find more info on this?
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