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  1. It's just not working. i am just using the default natracks, not the downloaded ones. There are a few of them -U to Z, and A to G I looked at the new manual. It says to click on the red circle next to the natrack name. I do not have a red circle next to the natrack name, just two arrows on its right side. No matter where i click, the natrack is not recognized. Eytan
  2. I have FSC 8.6 running with fs2004. I am planning a route from KJFK to EGLL. I enter dep and arr in the fp window and hit OK. Then I type in BOS (boston vor) as the next waypoint and OK. As per manual I highlight the BOS row, then right click on/near the track I want added (Track E). Nothing happens. The track is not added. i've tried several times with other tracks. What am I missing? Eytan Ornstein computer specs Intel Core i5 2500 CPU @3,3GHZ GeForce 9800GT 512MB GPU DDR3 4GB SATA 3 hd 1TB Windows 7 32 bit Samsung Synchmaster 931BF 19" monitor MAG Proview 21" monitor Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X VRInsight M-panel
  3. I just solved the issue afew minutes ago by disabling the map on top.
  4. I recently upgraded my pc. Previously I had no problem dragging sub panel windows from fs9 panel view to the FSC map which ran on a second monitor. This way I put the FMS and Squawkbox windows on the second monitor. Now if i drag the fs windows to the second monitor they disappear behind, as it were, the FSC map. I have FS9 running on the Proview monitor(primary display) while FSC is on the Samsung monitor(secondary display). All this is defined by the Nvidia control panel. When I drag the FSC gps window to the secondary monitor it also disappears. is there an option within FSc to correct this? Eytan Ornstein computer specs: Intel Core i5 2500 CPU @3,3GHZ GeForce 9800GT 512MB GPU DDR3 4GB SATA 3 hd 1TB Windows 7 32 bit Samsung Synchmaster 931BF 19" monitor MAG Proview 21" monitor Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X VRInsight M-panel
  5. Hello. I have up graded my pc and wish to reinstall FSC. I bought it from simmarket, where my account has a download for FSC8.6 I installed in FS2004, but noticed it was unregistered. The Simmarket FAQ's say the developer deals with the registration code. There's no code in my Simmarket account. Is this your responsibility? Eytan Ornstein
  6. Some basic questions about FSC. 1. When I open FSC the first window is for selecting the airport. If I search by ICAO' let's say EGKK, the search list comes up with EGKK plus five nearby airports. Isn't this redundant? An ICAO entry should yield one airport alone. 2. It seems that occasionally some major navaids are missing. For example, EGKK- Gatwick has no NDB's in FSC for runways 26L\8R. The FS9\X map view has them. Is it possible to manually enter navaids into FSC? Eytan Ornstein
  7. BTW, my VATSIM experience on this issue has varied, depending on where I'm flying. In Europe the controllers are stricter. I end up, in most cases, inserting their flightplans's into the box in FSC. They also issue the SID. In the USA, they accept your own SIDs with the filed flightplans, and they tend to be more "lenient". Eytan
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply. It matches also some real world procedures; here sometimes departure control tells you after flying part of the SID to go direct to the first wapyoint. This is done if traffic is sparse or not in the way. Eytan
  9. Volker, You replied to the first part of the question (VATSIM issues), and I agree. Could you address the issue I raised in the second part where FSC generates the route, and cannot link to the first waypoint with its own list of SIDs? This happens quite often from major airports. Thanks. Eytan
  10. Hi I use FSC both off line and online (VATSIM). My question is about the SID section of the flightplan. Many times the VATSIM controller rejects the fp and I just ask him to send me one, which I then enter into the FSC flightplan box. I don't want to get into this issue because; 1. It's been discussed here many times, 2. The above method of entering the controller's fp is a good solution. But let's discuss what happens with a flightplan and adding a SID. All this is offline. FSC generates a high alt fp, and then I try to find a SID that would connect me from the dep runway to the first waypoint. Here's an example of the problem; FSC high alt plan is for EDDF-LGAV - EDDF OMOGI T721 SUNEG UL607 TGO UQ303 VEKEN UP735 DEGUM UY177 ABISO UY450 NERRA UL607 XORKI LGAV So I open up the SID window and go thrpugh the SIDs to see whivh one would do the job. From any runway. No SID goes to OMOGI. Some go close to it. By comparison Vatroute generates this route; NOMBO Y161 MUN UM867 NIPEL UM178 ILB UL607 SPL UL862 BRD UL612 ARA UB34 NEMES If I copy this route into FSC, then the SID window gives many options to connect with NOMBO. Can you comment on this? Eytan Ornstein
  11. Hallelluyah! The GE connection is working. Must have done something right-I have no idea what. Now that we're on the subject-how do you keep the GE map centered on the aircraft icon? Right now I have to drag the map constantly to keep from losing the a/c. It seems that some other setting has to be activated for this. Eytan
  12. Thanks for your steady support. I will try again to see if I'm doing it right. If it doesn't work-no problem, FSC9 is still a great program without the GE connection. I fly IFR so it doesn't really matter about GE. Eytan
  13. I have windows XP Home with SP3
  14. <have you changed the path in FSCommander Options for GE to /Program Files/Google/GoogleEarth/client ?> Yes I did all that and it doesn't make a difference. Also everytime I do that path inside Options-online-folder ge(ticked)-c-progeam files-google earth-client, even though I hit save and close, this option is not remembered by the software. Eytan
  15. I have all the updates but still the Show position in GE option is inactive. Also inside GE there is no FSC option under temp places. How is FSC supposed to be recognized in GE? Is there something I must do for this? Eytan
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