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  1. barrendrop

    Invalid weather url

    Hi VolkerHeine I have just updated to version 8.5 and my weather Metars are back working, these have not worked for me since the change of source for weather downloads if this was a fix ,thanks Derek
  2. barrendrop

    Transitiona Altitude

    Hi I use charts more than most , I buy charts from Navigraph for all the airports I use, I just thought it might be useful feature for those less experienced Forget it Derek
  3. barrendrop

    Transitiona Altitude

    Hi All Yes I use charts, but as this product has made their use less, one of the only reasons I look at them is to get the TA.. Derek
  4. barrendrop

    Transitiona Altitude

    Hi Ok, how about a small note section on each airport where users can make notes ans save, ie TA height. Derek
  5. Can I suggest you add TA information for each Airport in a future release of this great product. Derek
  6. barrendrop

    since versio 8.4.1

    Hi Volker I have noticed the information in the bottom of screen ie aircraft type , zoom level are slightly cut off at the bottom of screen, is this a known problem I can read it , but its not right Derek
  7. barrendrop

    online weather METARS

    Hi Volker I have sent you a new email with attached latest Protocal file, still not working automatic but I think its getting closer , I have alter to tick boxes on my IE to do with FTP addresses Derek
  8. barrendrop

    online weather METARS

    Hi Volker Thanks for the new patch and the manual procedure, this works for the time being, for me its not the answer, I need to find out what settings to change in windows /firewall to get it to do it automatic. Derek
  9. barrendrop

    online weather METARS

    Hi Volker and team Can we have an update on your progresss and thoughts in finding a solutions to these problems some of us are having. Some cannot download (me for one) Some can fix it by moving FSC into the root directory ( Doesnt work for me) Some get information but find it is wrong when compared to real weather or Active SKY regards Derek
  10. barrendrop

    Weather Patch

    Hi I have download and reinstalled in C:\ and it still doesn't work for me, I had followed the procedure out line above and had saved the files before hand to save time Derek
  11. barrendrop

    online weather METARS

    Hi moving to C:\ does not fix for me, i will await the official answer from the Boss, Volker. Derek
  12. barrendrop

    online weather METARS

    Hi Volker Just for others my build number was 011208 after the re install 091208, both were verasion 8.4.1,so you must have updated the update, It now says Downloading weather in White text, on the map, after clicking on download weather, which it didn't do before, but alas I still then get the dreaded error message. I wait your further guidance I have sent you to file you requested Derek
  13. barrendrop

    online weather METARS

    Hi Checked by build no and it was different downloaded patch again and now its as yours, but still doesnt work I will send you file thanks for your help Derek
  14. barrendrop

    online weather METARS

    Hi I can also go to the website and see the metar text files for each hour,using the Ftp address, so why does't FSC? and as last poster has said how does it know which file to download. I am sure yours is working, but are you sure you haven't missed something out in the new 8.4.1release Derek
  15. barrendrop

    online weather METARS

    Hi This fix is not reading the weather, ther error is stopping it , the weather it is reloading old saved information for the 08th November , when IVAO upgraded their servers and problem started. barrendrop

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