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  1. May I suggest something? It would be great if FSC flightplans could be transferred into the Majestic Dash-8 Q 400 FMC directly. Best regards Michael Sagner
  2. Are you using extern "C" { ..... } in your FSUIPC header file? That's how you tell C++ that you want to use straight C functions.
  3. Is it conceivable to make this an option, so an application can specify which planes are to be included? If this option defaults to the current mode, this would be compatible with existing software.
  4. I'm experimenting with the AI traffic interface of FSUIPC, and have noticed that sometimes the AI planes will disobey their orders. So far, I couldn't find out a pattern to this behaviour. FSUIPC's return codes are being checked and signal that everything's OK, yet the planes will ignore some of their commands. So far I didn't find a way to check on this other than changes in parameters (speed, heading) after a certain time. Another phenomenon that I could observe sporadically was that AI planes on approach to a runway (status 'Landing') seem to get erased from the FSUIPC tables once they have been controlled by a third-party program for some time (two or three minutes). All these phenomena are hard to reproduce since they do happen only from time to time. PS: I'm using the latest FSUIPC version released March 4th, 2005, and there is no change in this respect to the previous version which I used to develop my piece of software.
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