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  1. Hi again !!! Sorry if I was a bit unclear in my first post but... This has NOTHING to do with throttle input, caused by any reason. As I described above, I have tried it with only keyboard and all joystics deactivated and the same problem occur when the throttles are assigned in the FSUIPC. If I disable the throttle assignment for number 1and 2 in FSUIPC, EVERYTHING works great, but not my reverse :( Hope this was a bit more clear :roll:
  2. Hi All !!! I am new to this forum, so be gentle... :lol: Well, Thanks to Pete for a fantastic module... Can't live without it :D But, It is a problem between the FSUIPC and the Flight 1 ATR 72-500, when it comes to assigning separate throttle axis in FSUIPC. When I have assigned throttle 1 and 2 in FSUIPC, the Torque at the ATR 72 does not match the bugs as described in the manual, this I have also tested with all my joysticks disabled, to see if there was some spike from my throttle. When I disable the throttle axis in FSUIPC, the ATR 72 works just as it should... STRANGE :roll: (This has to do with putting the Power levers in the notch for semi-auto throttle) The reason I wrote this comment is that I use CH Throttle Quadrant, and don't see any other posibility to get the reverse thrust activated with the TQ... ( Don't let me use F2) So please... Is there any sugestions on fixing this problem ???
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