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  1. Hi bigskyfunk, I don't know if you finally solve your problem, I experienced the same situation as you. In my application I have two threads: 1. For generating the simulation data (50Hz) 2. For refreshing the data in FS using FSUIPC (25Hz should be enough) The refresh problem with FSUIPC is that Process() consumes a lot of time, so use only one Process() call per frame, otherwise you will get jittery, because you lose a lot of cycles of simulation data. This will improve a lot your performance. Afterwards you can implement a linear filter. The next position is averaged from the last received and the previous. This will reduce the effect of big changes in heading or pitch, specially when you are landing. Setting the aircraft speed is not a good idea because after some minutes the aircraft position will be quite different from the real position. Try these suggestions, in my case they worked very well. Jordi
  2. Hi Pete, Thanks for your answer. I asked the same to wideview guys and they say that is not posible in wideview current version: "Unfortunately it isn't currently possible to "autostart" wideview on the server, however this feature is already scheduled for the next release ." So, I'll wait for next release. Thanks anyway, Jordi
  3. Hi Pete, I know that you are not supporting wideview, but maybe you can help me. In Wideview there is a gauge that switches between ON/OFF the status of wideview server. This gauge is defined in panel.cfg file like this: [Window03] position=0 size_mm=24,44 background_color=10,10,10 visible=1 ident=WIDEVIEW gauge00=wideview_server,0,0 My question is how can I control this switch gauge through FSUIPC in case that is posible? Thanks for your time, Jordi
  4. Thanks Pete, Your answer solved my question. I have used offset 3110 with Control Number for VIEW_MODE of your List Of FS2004 Controls.pdf and it worked as I expected. Thanks a lot for your quick answer, Jordi
  5. Hi Pete, Is it posible to switch FS views (tower view, aerial view,...) through FSUIPC? I haven't found any offset for this purpose. To switch views in FS you can press 'S', then I could try to send a key press using FSUIPC, but I don't know if this is posible or if I need WideClient. What do you think and where I can start? Thanks again, Jordi
  6. Thanks Pete & scruffyduck for your clear and fast answers, I've decided to use the New Weather Interface, because I also need to set clouds and winds. NWI looks very good for it. Thanks, Jordi
  7. Hi Pete, I’ve a registered license of FSUIPC and I would like to ask you or this forum about a question regarding visibility. What is the best option we have to write FS visibility through FSUIPC? I’ve tried using offset 0x2DF0 and it works initially, but this change only lasts 14 seconds. In this situation I could write the visibility every n seconds ( with n<14). But I would like to ask if anyone knows a better way. Thanks in advance, Jordi
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